Fallout: New Vegas -- A few models.

Well, I’m not going to bother typing up why I would like these models, as I’m certain the lot of you have no interest in my story. Heh.

Yeah, anyway, if this is at all possible, I would simply adore it if someone here could port models from the game Fallout: New Vegas, character models primarily, and get them into Gmod.
Fallout: New Vegas runs on DX9, If that means anything to you.

If you could be so generous as to even go the extra mile to get them into usable Player Model formats for me, that would be fantastic, lol. If not, I’m sure I could find someone else to help me out with that.

If anyone could accomplish this task, I would love you forever :3
Hell, I’m even willing to pay people who are able to do this, if that’s not against any rules, or anything, lol.

Here’s what I’d like to have:
NCR Salvaged Power Armor - http://images.wikia.com/fallout/images/b/bc/FNV_NCR_salvaged_armour.png
NCR Ranger Coat/Armor/Mask thingy - http://www.newvegasnexus.com/imageshare/images/2320572-1288716234.jpg
Caesar’s Legion Armor - http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20101211200916/fallout/images/b/b9/Nv-legion-armor.png
Adv. Radiation Suit - http://www.ladymoiraine.com/modules/gallery_HoT/albums/FNV1/Conrad195.jpg

Not looking for all of these from one person, of course, I don’t expect that much…Though it would be amazing :smiley:
And again, if it isn’t agaisnt any rules or anything, I’m willing to pay for the work lol.
Steam Info - maxib123
Add me if you wanna talk.


Why do you type in bold?

Cruise control for cool


Why haven’t models from that game been ported yet? Well, with the exception of Rex, and the Geckos.
Fallout 3 was almost entirely ported, and the few models ported already SHOW it’s possible to port from the game.

Infusion gaming has ported lots of models try them out just download the infusion pack (dunno if it works good).

were do i download the infusion pack?

the game seemed to mostly have FO3 models just retextured and a lot of the new models look like they put zero effort into it, cept the ranger coat, that was pretty awesome model