Fallout: New Vegas - B29 Superfortress

This pack contains the Boeing B-29 Superfortress from Fallout: New vegas, and some extra stuff.

The ‘clean’ model has bodygroups for spinning and static propellers, raised/lowered landing gear, and a bodygroup for removing the “Pearl” Nose art on the side of the cockpit. The pack also contains the crashed version and some parts.

Here are some pictures.






Download link:

Gmod.org link:

oh man this is awesome. Can’t wait to finish downloading.

Adjustable turrets?

Sadly, no. I thought about it but there’s an awful lot of them and i’m lazy.

Still worth downloading, though! :slight_smile:

Can you walk Inside it?? or is it a “Solid” Prop???
Just curious but downloading anyways.


I love that pin-up.

All we need are some WWII pilots…

Nice, shame 'bout them turrets though, but it will be useful anyways!

Might be something here.

The proportions on those are bad.

I didn’t make them, my friend did. That’s why.