Fallout New Vegas Enclave Remnant Armour

If someone can port the F: NV enclave remnant armors, or anything close to it, I’ll be happy.

And Frank Horrigan, (if possible…) you can get supermutant arms and paste it onto enclave armour, reskinning the arms greenish/yellowish, and the enclave suit tanish yellow. with the helmet black and the eyes red.


Or an easier way of showing the helmet, here:

Full Body:


I put heavy detail on my requests because I want people to port it exactly how I want it. Thank you in advanced.

Already been ported but not rigged. (At least fallout 3 version anyway)

Enclave Remnant is the Mark 1 advanced power armor. It’s basically a 3D version of the Enclave Power Armor shown in Fallout 2. (A callback to the long-time fallout fans)


Adding it to lists.

If possible, a player model would be nice to… ^^’

So you’ve got someone skilled doing your request. Lucky bastard.
Nearly every request goes unfulfilled.

Found one on GMod.org
Or at least something close to it, its made for Fo3, but its close enough for now.

But we still need Remnant Enclave armor

That is the advanced power armour the enclave uses…
And looks better fluffwise as well.

(considering the remnant PA is just a baddly proportioned APA)