Fallout: New Vegas inspired map

Hi all i am currently working on a FO:NV themed map and just wanna show from time to time my progress. I am doing this exclusive for “The Spire Roleplay” community.





























All models ported myself.
Map is still in work and not available.

Holy…crap,This looks incredible,How long did this take you to make?
Mapping King x9999999

The environmental lighting is too yellow and doesn’t fit the skybox. Otherwise, good job!

The texture repetition is a bit much. try upscaling them a bit, and using some larger res textures.

i wont comment any lightning because i’m colorblind so i’m unreliable at that point, but i think it needs some kind of fog and as mentioned before a diferent skybox, maybe something more wasteland themed.
edit: btw awesome looking map.

the lighting is pretty bad

well i guess some people missed to see the “WIP” tag.

The map is still in work just sayin.

Said this on someone elses thread recently, if you post a WIP here, you should want criticism, because that is what you will get here.

To me the map doesn’t look right. There is very little atmosphere, and it looks more as if everything is where it is, because that is where it is in New Vegas. It isn’t really NV themed, more an NV clone, which means that you are going to struggle to make it yours. Consider making it a themed map rather than a clone, that way you can have a bit of creative freedom.

Also consider not using so many props taken from gamebyro. The source engine will not light them as gamebyro does, so the props will look off.

Since its for a roleplay I think it was his aim to replicate the areas.

Models don’t look too bad, might get issue with lighting if one is in contrast, like half covered in shadow, otherwise it should be sufficient. Some of the areas looks really quite nice.

Lighting is too saturated and yellow.

Are you using prop dynamic for the trees and plants? looks like it with the shadows.

Do you have lod stuff sorted for those models? otherwise they’ll be causing a ruckus.

A few things to avoid, in my opinion. You currently have islands of detail in among a sea of blank flat map. I dislike this, the places you detailed look good, the places you havn’t don’t. The props need to blend into the map more, if you have an area without any props ppl can see the props you do place easier.

eg big flat area then a big pile of rock models in the middle. The rocks won’t feel natural because they contract with the empty desert, the desert won’t look natural because its got nothing there at all! OVer all the map is hard to immerse into.

I like the random event idea, do they reset to happen over and over?

Look into finidng some why of adding movement to the map. IT might be a headbob in your gamemode, or texture proxies making the trees sway, or moving clouds or birds circling above. The particles and ranodm event do this in places already so well done .

Consider closing it up slightly, so paths and “hubs” rather than big open space. Big open space is realistic but they are boring and you can travel across them quickly, making them seem small.

It will take you a less than a minute to drive across flatgrass, it will take you several minutes to drive on a winding path round flatgrass. This also helps u optimise and focus your detail on paths players must take. It doesn’t have to be linear it can be a bunch of random dots joined by a a random number of paths. Each area could be distinct with some paths being underground. Its a mayor overhaul so prehaps don’t do it for this map but the next you make at least consider it.

I hope this has helped.

The lighting doesn’t look good and the grass sprites look weird coming from those ground textures. Also make the textures less repetitive.

Displacement textures need some work, texture tiling is very noticeable in the screenshots.

The house in the back there, it’s texture is tiling much too visibly as well.

You do plan on giving it a actual skybox ? Right ? I always kind of hate it when people use a terrain and ground sky texture but other then that i excpected this to look terrible but this looks pretty good keep up the good work

Wow, it almost looks like NV! Nice work.

Just working on the interior of the mojave outpost.




Any tips and tweaks for improvement? Or is the lighting okay like this? :slight_smile:

If the windows are boarded up, there shouldn’t really be light coming through

Those are the light shaft models from NV, I’d say just go with a better glass texture that doesn’t look like metal.

the maps looking good, obviously its got flaws as stated by the people in the thread but its going well and may actually be a very close looking map to the actual fallout.

I am a huge fan of Fallout. I am pumped for this map. Can’t wait.
Will Freeside and New Vegas be like, enter-able? And how about the Mojave outpost? Do the doors there open?
Otherwise, great looking map. Looks a like Fallout.

Entering buildings will be like in the original game. You get teleported in the interior. :slight_smile:

I made some showcase videos.

This is how you enter buildings (btw this is gonna be nipton)

And here is a showcase about a possible random event.

What does this look like in CS:GO?