Fallout New Vegas Map

Hi there!

There is a really good map to practice Fallout NV roleplay except gm_atomic, rp_apocalypse and the_spire_new_vegas ???

Thanks guys!!!

Sorry i dont think there is any other fallout new vegas themed map out there.

This makes me want to convert Ineu Pass 2 to fallout style scenery even more… Should I do it? I don’t know if the geometry is right.

Why is that even a question? Obviously yes.

Oh god, this will be so awesome if you make it !


Here’s some progress. I compiled it with shit lighting just to get a general idea of what it would look like. Thoughts?

If it’s New Vegas there should be less trees. Replacing them with desert bushes is my suggestion.

This looks impressive. The dead trees really make it look cool.
Some suggestions:
Make sure to adjust the skybox fog settings to match the main ones.
Rotate some of the trees so they don’t all look the same.

I like the bush idea. Gonna do that. Might do like half bushes, half rocks.

I plan to rotate the trees randomly. I wish the prop rotate program worked still lol…

There are a lot ported fallout new vegas models you can download and use.

Oh sweet. Ill look around and see what I can find. I don’t want to base it off fallout too much. I just want it to be a generic nuclear apocalypse atmosphere.

Here’s an update on what I have so far. Did a ‘Final’ compile on it to see what it will look like. I think. Don’t remember if I hit full or final. Whatever, here’s some photos:





I think HDR needs go be toned back a lot and the shadows brightened up.


Just noticed the noticeably dark mountain in the background. Forgot to make those textures unlitgeneric so they don’t appear stupidly dark.

I’d turn some of the rocks on their sides and possibly deteriorate some of the homes slightly more, unless they’re full for roleplaying purposes. However, it seems pretty nice aside from that and I’m liking it.

Toned HDR down. Im starting to like LDR over HDR in this map. Idk why it just looks better. Last image is LDR.






Other then that, I think its pretty much ready.

You should make the sky blue. It was blue in New Vegas, but now your map looks like something from Fallout 3.

I kinda like the dusty skybox. Makes the map more gloomy. Uploading it to the workshop right now.


All done.
Workshop Link