Fallout New Vegas model request.

Hey, I’m Slayer, I really need this exact model, or I shall explode into a bijillion pieces. I understand there are a ton of Fallout Models already ported, including a few from the faction I want this exact model ported.

What I need is this.

This is really needed for Fallout Roleplaying servers everywhere. The three currently ported are awesome and cool, but it is missing this one here which would complete the set, and the Legion would be full on.

My steam name is: Diglett McDickNuggets if any of you agree with my idea or want to actually carry out the request.

I’ve also discussed it with a few of my friends and my friend’s Fallout Roleplaying Community and he would love this as it would add to the realism.


(If you don’t agree with me, post it anyway, if you don’t agree with me, that is fine.)

No one?


I agree, bumping for FORP owner frustration feels.

bumping this, come on guys.

maybe you should contact the people who helped port, and rig the Caesars Legion and NCR trooper models we have now. i don’t know if they’re from infusion gaming or not.