Fallout: New Vegas Models

I am requesting the porting of some of the Fallout: New Vegas ragdolls and models to the Source engine. I also hoping for the ragdolls to be skeletoned to the Source player model. I would do it myself, but I don’t have my version on the PC. I was hoping to use these models for a Tiramisu schema, if you are wondering their purpose.

NCR troopers are in the process of being made at the moment. Currently they are WIP and private models.

They’ve already been made, just private and a bit WIP. They’re headhacks, so you’ll be having citizen heads instead of the original heads.

Legion soldiers and camp props are also in progress by the same people working on the NCR troopers.

Do they have possibility of becoming free to the public?

well the models are being made by someone thats working for a roleplaying community in their forum. they have a link to download their content, containing the NCR and other fallout props.

sadly, i forgot the link.

I started porting them myself, nearly done:


oh fuck i forgot that you were making a set of awesome fallout character packs