Fallout: New Vegas Securitron

Well hello this is my first release here so enjoy.


Me: Porting
Shotup: Rigging and QC

I have a feeling that someone would next slap Muggy’s face onto those bots.

This has been indeed worth the wait :).

And now, I shall slap classic looking awesome smilie onto Yesman.

There’s also the faces used for the Big MT Securitrons and the cut second “House Girl”:

Indeed. takes out a smoking pipe

Well butter mah butt and call me a biscuit! Nice job!

Nice work on this man, got my DL!

Amazing job, any chance you can put this up on media fire or something? because…well lets just say some of us aren’t allowed on gmod.org

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Well shucks partner

You are arriving at ban station.
Enjoy your definite stay forever.

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Found the Easter Egg. Some perskin dude.

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Found two more

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jesus christ two more

No it was the clean version of the Securitron.

Kinda makes me wish there was one with a chocobo face…

Take your chocobo fetish somehwere else.l

Fuck yes ! I’ve been waiting for this model since F:NV was out. Good job !

Those are funny, I’ll take one!