Fallout New Vegas weapons with bodygroups

As we all know, Nexus_Elite released the amazing Fallout 3 weapons pack some time ago with lots of bodygroups for the said weapons. I have seen a small pack of Fallout New Vegas weapons ported to GMod, though they were few and with some akward sizes- a .50cal sniper rifle (Anti-Matiriel Rifle) was smaller than the Assault Rifle :confused: .

My request is -I hope- rather simple. Could someone port all (if possible) weapons from Fallout New Vegas (that are not featured in Nexus’ pack) WITH bodygroups for ‘reloading’ etc. ?

The only link I can provide is from Fallout’s wiki- The Vault: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout:_New_Vegas_weapons

It contaisn a full list of the weapons, along with pictures of each one of them.

I think the community would greatly benefit from them- mainly the Fallout based servers and fans of the series.

Hope someone would be able to do so.