Fallout New vegas

ok i have been looking around and i can only find some but if there any more i would love that but if not can someone port the Factions models such as the NCR, Great Khans, Yes Man, Caesar’s Legion, Fiends ect you no all that good stuff and weapons if so but mostly model it a big job but i no some other people might like this to happen


Wow, just… Wow.
Anyway, the Gamebryo Engine has a way of handling people, or anything with a face that can change, that makes them very hard to port. If anyone ports those models they will be wearing helmets that cover their face or will have citizen faces hacked on.

ok aslong as they have the uniform of the Factions there in in fact that would be better if the had citizen faces hacked

come on mates can you no just think about doing it fallout is a grate game

It’s not as easy as you think, it’s a big job.

He’s Right. Not only do the models need to be ripped, but also needs to be Re-rigged to a valve skeleton so it can move it’s limbs, Which Is something I’m still having a difficult time learning So i would know.

models don’t need to be ripped

but rigging, texture reassignment etc

Well… Yes It doesn’t necessarily Require the ‘Actual’ Model to be ripped, Custom created Meshes Are usually much easier to Rig But the chances of someone willing to make the model (especially from this site) are Very slim.