Fallout RP - Serious Fallout Roleplay

Good afternoon, Facepunch - want to be involved in a brand-new community?

Welcome to Fallout Roleplay, a serious roleplay community for Garry’s Mod, canonically based on the post-apocalyptic Fallout series of roleplaying games - specifically between Fallout 2 and Fallout 3. In the bleak, blasted ruins of Southern Texas, where dangers lurk at every turn, the possibilities are endless. Play as a humble wastelander, struggling to survive in a barbaric world of mutants, slavers and raiders, a rough-and-ready citizen of Sodom, the last, semi-lawful, gun-toting remnant of civilized society, or join one of a fallen Texas’ many power-factions, including the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave, constantly battling for supremacy. Alternatively, gather some friends and make your own group - the choice is up to you!

Is the server up yet?
No, not yet - we’re still working through a few technical issues, and some specific canon documentation is being finalised. However, we plan on launching soon, and we’ll update this thread when we’re live - in fact, some of our factions (e.g. BoS and Enclave) are currently open for applications. Check us out!

Are you one of those wanky serious roleplay servers where everyone’s elitist as all fuck and ban you the moment you joke around-
NO - no, we’re not. Whilst we are a serious roleplay community, we are also a learning community (hell, we all remember our first time roleplaying), so while we ban anyone coming in to ruin the roleplay of others, we’ll be the last people to kick or ban someone for putting their Es before their Is. We know how to relax.

Forum link?
Here: http://falloutrp.freeforums.org/

What script will you use
Right now, we’re working on a version of TS, and editing it for our needs.

Have a box?
Ready to roll - just waiting on technical fixes.

What map/content are you using?
We’ll be using an edited version of rp_fallout_ig_nevada_v01, being worked on right now (If you’re Holypeek the creator, please contact me on SF: drfunk56). We’ll also be using some other custom content, which I’ll post a download link to at a later date.
The original map: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=102891

Looking for administration/developers?
Absolutely - we’re always on the look-out for volunteers. Contact me on SF (drfunk56) or Facepunch PM, and I’ll put you through to our community head, Durango.

Why should I play on your server?
Simple - for solid Fallout roleplay, where the only limit is your own creativity. We’ll provide a gritty, hard-edged roleplaying experience, whilst providing you with both the opportunities and ability to take your game anyway you want - we have a number of factions one can join, or members can make their own groups. All our administration are experienced serious roleplayers, and we know what does and doesn’t work in serious roleplay; we’re also open to new ideas, and plan to properly serve our playerbase with knowledge, reliability and enthusiasm, not lord over them. We’re not promising massive death-matching or a whiz-bang brand-spanking-new script, but we CAN promise you a dangerous, exciting and utterly unpredictable time in the lawless world of a fallen America.

Stay tuned!

Update - a scripter arises!
We now have a scripter working on our basic needs - however, we’re always looking for new dev-team members, no matter what your skills are. If you’d like to help, contact me on SF or shoot me a Facepunch PM.

Welcome to the new American dream…

Welcome to Fallout RP.

Thread rules:

  1. No flaming.
  2. No trolling.
  3. Criticism is welcome, as long as it’s constructive.
  4. Please stay ontopic!

Sounds good and really friendly server, gonna wait for this.

Sounds pretty nice.
I’m assuming that you will use BP2?

Nexus is just as good.

They’re pretty much the same.

Sounds like a cool based roleplay situation.

Glad you’re interested - remember, most (if not all) of our factions are currently taking applications, so check 'em out on the forums if you’re interested.

Shameless bump - listed the script (TS) that we’ll most likely use. We may have a scripter, so might be up sooner than you think!

no pics?, im sure its darkrp then…

There aren’t any pics, because the server’s not up yet (as already stated). We’re using Tacoscript, not DarkRP - and as I’ve said many times, this is serious Garry’s Mod roleplay.

No pics of you IRL? I’m sure you’re 9 years old then…

I’m impressed by this thread, you guys might want to tinker with tirumisomething, it looks like a good script for what your looking for, armor and all.

More organized than the average thread - I’m impressed.

Looks pretty good, but please add some pictures. By the way, your thread rules are very similar to mine, did you use them in a different order?

Hmmm, I might be willing to help script. Please contact me with some of your ideas, though if I can I’d rather do a gamemode from scratch, but I will try to use Tacoscript if necessary. PM if interested.

Frankly, drew them from your own thread. If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em!

Good to know. Right now, we’re thinking of Tacoscript just because it’ll be easier to get going straight away - however, in the long run we may do something with Tirimasu (think that’s how spell), or Nexus, possibly.


Also, rp_ig_nevada sucks.