Fallout RP Server Up

Fallout RP With Custom Models

Server Moved to 64 slot one

Uses Kermites
get them here
Kermit’s snipe pack http://airbornegaming.com/kermite/kermites_snip_pack.zip

And heres the new pack list


Need a swep for the ghoul class best one will become an admin on the server
needs to not have a model so the ghouls hands stay at their sides, Or a decent view model (Not zombie DM models) which ever one is used the ORIGINAL author will be given admin on the server

Here’s one… trying to find another one.


And another one: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=65020

there used to be this one download that had about 15 different ghoul models… i posted it in another thread.


Here’s the last one… thought it was alot of ghoul models but it was actually several power armor models with two ghoul models:

Hope this helps.

Do I extract these to gamemodes?

Those are all addon packs if im correct i own the server were running atm a tad much addon wise but people like the server so hell.

ok i got those installed, i got all of kermites things installed, even though some of the guns are still purple checkers…but I’m still missing a bunch of files that i need to download when i try to join, what are all the addons that this server uses besides those ones? and i think all the addons are making my game crash its happened twice so far which sucks because i love fallout and rping

Righto, his server, addons folder

PCmod and Engine mod are the 2 other major ones, other than that its a bunch of stools and game bases, HL2, CSS EP2 ect ect

yea using those, need a view model/swep for the ghoul classes

Alright… no prop… I don’t think there really is much more out there… maybe a simple google search will help.

PCmod gone now

Gone from garrysmod.org?
No it’s not ._.

The best PC Mod is still teh 2.0.4!

But the 2.0.4 is gone though…

The PC-Mod 2.0.0 aint gone after all.
I re-uploaded it. ^^

And that’s the best PC-Mod for sure.

i ment from the server

Some additional information regarding the server would be nice.
What timeline is it in? What script? Any general information? Simply just smacking up an IP and some downloads ain’t gonna attract too many, considering what else theres to offer.

I can answer some of those questions but not all.

It’s DarkRP and there is NO MINGING what so ever. Mainly because there is no such thing as RDMing on the server. It’s Combat RP (if you’ve ever played Fallout 3 you’d understand that there is a bunch of combat. So there is no RDMing).

And general info is that you assume the role of people in Fallout 3. The Enclave, Outcasts, Raiders, Vaults, etc. etc.

how to install the pack?

this is one of my fav servers

no more server?? :frowning: