Fallout: RTS


Fallout: RTS is a gamemode that I’m currently developing for Garry’s Mod. It is a realtime strategy
set in the Fallout universe during the events of Fallout: New Vegas, which borrows it’s gameplay
from Starcraft 2 and DOTA-like games. The gamemode will be released publicly after being hosted
privately for a while, and once most bugs and exploits have been patched. I’m currently looking for
modelers that can help with prop creation and weapon rigging/animation.


There are four factions:

  • Brotherhood of Steel
  • Enclave
  • New California Republic
  • Caesar’s Legion

Each team has one commander that will handle all of the RTS mechanics, including building structures, creating units and controlling units.
Other players on the teams will take control of a DOTA-like “Elite” unit. Similar to DOTA champions, the player will control this single unit
that can level up and use abilities to help the team, like planting a turret, repairing bots, healing teammates, etc… These units will start
at level 1 and their progress will not be saved when you leave/join the server.

Each team starts with some scrap metal (Explained below) and a Command Center, a base of operations that collects nearby resources.
There are two types of resources in the gamemode, Scrap and Uranium.

Scrap is the basic resource used in the construction of all units/buildings/upgrades, Uranium is a more limited resource that is used for
more advanced units and structures.

Different buildings will need to be constructed to produce different units, and acquire different upgrades for existing units.

All units have health, and some will have armor as well.
Elite units (The player-controlled “champions”), as well as certain buildings and NPC units will have Energy, which is needed to use abilities.

So far there is no official list of buildings/units, but this info will be disclosed further in development.











If you’d like to help out with the project, please contact me on Facepunch or on Steam.
Scripters will only be accepted if you have examples of work, or if I know you from your posts in WAYWO.

Positions Available:

  • Lua Scripter
  • [del]Story Development[/del]
  • Modeler (Buildings/Static Props)
  • Animator/Rigger (Getting ported models ready for use in SWEPs)
  • Mapper (No “on and off” mappers please, we need a large, detailed map)


**No Downloads Available!**


This gamemode looks extremely promising, I can’t wait to eventually try it.

You better release it

It’ll be private for a bit so that I can work out bugs on my own server, but eventually the gamemode will be released publicly.

I like how one of your first features is giving yourself an owner tag

That has been changed to reflect traditional IRC tags, and the only reason it’s there so early is because the chatbox was just ported from a chatbox I had already created so that it would fit in with the Pip Boy theme.

In other words, I spent like 10 minutes on the chatbox, and it was only because someone had suggested it :v:

That looks like sick shit my friend

Navarro v2.

Jokes aside it looks promising. Keep it up, love to see where this goes.

Every post-apocalyptic militant airbase needs to start somewhere :v:

Sweet bro!

This looks really amazing. Great job on this, can’t wait to see more progress.

I want to see the “Bloody Mess”-icon as a killicon, It’d be awesome.

I think i just came.

holy fuck my dream came true

I feel bad now for not knowing LUA because this is pretty much what i’ve wanted.

My god.
I thought of something like this when playing fallout 3 yesterday.

I really hope that you finish this, good luck!

No offense, but you also need someone as a VGUI designer.

But other than that, COOOLLLL.

I could quite possibly help with maps or something (already working on a wastelandish map…)

Add me on Steam, a custom map would be extremely helpful

Well if steam would work, yesterday it gave itself anal and now it is corrupted and refuses to repair for some reason (aka the repair installer is stuck on something)

That doesnt sound normal

No rush on the map, just contact me when you can