Fallout Siberia - The NCR made it across the Pacific

NCR expedition in Russia


Another unedited angle


The snow effect was done with the advanced particle tool > half life 2 episode 2 > snow_2 effect.

Them broken knee and shoulder pads.

Pretty cool. I like it. :v:

There were 3 models, but i didn’t use the broken one. You mean the shoulders and knees are somehow off in that pic?

there are clearly missing polygons in the left one’s knee pad and the right side guy’s knee pad has terrible rigging

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the overall rigging on those models seems to be absolutely horrendous

nikout quality

There were 3 of those soldiers and they were all under nikout =/

Don’t think there are any other ncr ranger models

Patrolling in Siberia almost makes you wish for a nuclear firestorm.

That’s like a twist on the New Vegas version of arrow in the knee.

Hope you all packed the hot chocolate, its cold out thar.