Fallout themed screenshots

Decided to post screenshots of the fallout themed map i am making here in case anyone is interested or has any questions.

You can view the rest of the images here at my imgur album.

next time post it in the pimpage thread. Also it doesn’t look entirely fallouty.

I’ll post my fallout props and materials up here when I get a chance.

I recommend starting on a smaller scale, trying to make a nice, empty wasteland environment first. Once you have a good atmosphere, then it’s time to add in your outposts, props, that kind of stuff.

Right now it looks like there’s one big displacement that’s covering most of the map, that limits how complex you can make your environment. (and it makes it impossible to have good looking shadows as the displacement will default to a massive lightmap scale) Break the large displacement into several smaller displacements (of equal size) that way you can sculpt mountains and hills and stuff without getting this jagged, low poly look in the screenshots. Also, be sure to break up the look of the ground with roads, paths, ponds, craters, vegetation and parking lots. It looks sort of like a sandbox with “toys” dropped into it that don’t really fit in. Your buildings would look a lot better with some visible shadows.

I hope you find this helpful!

the map needs work
maybe creating a 3D skybox like gm_flatgrass does, so that you don’t have to cover the edges of your map with out of place stretched mountains of sand that look very unrealistic

there are a lot of repeating textures that don’t make parts of the map look good, mostly the sandstone terrain. some roads and variation of ground can be used, as fallout’s universe wasn’t entirely barren wasteland, but had some vegetation such as shrubs here and there.

as aaagamer said, starting on a smaller scale map will guarantee you to have a better results on making a detailed fallout-esque map.

Considering how many stretched hills of dirt are in New Vegas, I’d say this map is at least lore friendly

Try using more texture variation. Get some textures that have common blend textures and use the blends to hide the transitions between the textures. This map looks pretty promising though, I just hope that you add some sort of 3D Skybox.
Oh, and if you want to make a vault (you better make some bunkers and vaults) I have some animated vault door props you might want to use.



They where ported by silverlan, but I don’t think he’s using them anymore. Also it’s not really hard to port models and animations from Fallout.

we want fallout textures

Made some small improvements to the map.
I don’t intend for the map to be made entirely using fallout textures as it will take too much time and work.

some of the new images can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/stqlt

I also incorporated some of the animated door models into the map that Bizzclaw recommended.

I made a video here:

i had to make the video brighter it was very dark

Buildings look too new/perfect, you should use overlays/decals to make them a bit more beat up/rough or even make some sides a bit uneven or deformed.
Or at least add debris around buildings.

Also door frame textures look somewhat weird.

That’s not the point, I assume those small wooden houses and other houses are brushes with applied fallout textures? I mean deforming them a bit would help, no need for additional textures.

we still want those materials bro