Fallout - Vault Boy Mask


Contents: An oversized Vault Boy head, scaled to Citizen scale for usage as a mask, bowling ball, child-scarer, fishbowl, and baby skull storage. Textures are 2048x and have been remastered at said res. They’re flat-color but I think it was justified in this circumstance, and the normalmap and phong accomodate it.

I cannot resolve the blockiness, It’s not a matter of smoothing groups, it’s just how the model was made, it’s a low-poly model.

Bethesda Softworks - Original model
Gorrow333 - Hacking it off as a headgear item for FO3
Me - Remastering the texture and porting it to GMod.






you could have at least tried to use smoothing groups in a way to make it better :v:
the silhouette still would have sucked but it would have looked better

I did. It’s not a matter of smoothing groups, It’s a matter of the model being low-poly from the get-go. Take a look at the original FO3 bobbleheads out-of-engine and you’ll see how shit they are.

smoothing groups still would have helped

I’ll fuck around some more with it and see if i can get it to smooth any better.

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Looks less like ass now. Workshop update coming up. Screenshots will have to wait to be updated.

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Updated the addon with the non-ass version.

Do you think you could make it look less like a mascot and more like a mask? Like give it a band around the back.

No. I’m not a hand-modeller.

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Besides, doing that would take out a lot of uses for it.

Great, now I can start a cult of massive blonde heads

If Payday had modding capability this would be perfect for it.