Fallout3 Moriarty Ragdoll

Could someone convert Colin Moriarty from FO3 into a gmod ragdoll?


You can’t get faces from Fallout 3.

Yeah, they use long and complicated face editing thingies. However, you could always hack heads onto the merc outfit and reskin one of them to look like him.

Wouldn’t this be the only time 3D Ripper DX would actually be better than ripping from the actual files? (as it should be able to get the face if its actually loaded, I would think).

Yes 3D ripper would but for fuck’s sake try and get him in a NON enviromental area(Like a black area) So that it doesn’t proportion him with everything else.

Colin would be cool as shit to have.

I think Liam Neeson is the first priority, though.

As dad?
Or just Liam Neeson himself?
Because either would be the Bee’s Knees.