FalloutMod - Revival

The very kind Gravity Fletcher has sent me the code for the FalloutMod gamemode (originally made by Airslide with permission to modify it as I see fit).
I’m going to do a complete overhaul of the code - many ideas lined up, and I’m a pretty experienced coder.
Watch this space.

I’m serious, this is being worked on. It’s not dead.

Loads of ideas in the making.

Also, this is not based on Fallout 3. It’s somewhat similar - post-apocalyptic RPG - but none of the VATS crap or stupid retro-futuristic stuff.

Heck, I’ll just do the list of ideas right now. Some of this is ambitious, but I don’t give a shit. I’m doing it anyway.

  • New melee combat system (think my JgcxSword).
  • Weapon crafting.
  • Proper survival system (sleeping, different types of fatigue, adrenaline).
  • Proper experience system (doing an action many times makes you very good at that action, but also makes you better at actions similar to it).
  • Proper building system - NO MORE TOOLGUN OR PHYSGUN. Anything you can’t do with your hands, you can’t do. This is realistic, dammit.
  • No admins ingame. All done via an automated system - for instance, unless you’re a psychopath, you’ll feel your conscience when you kill an innocent. This will affect you. So don’t murder people, kids.
  • Realistic human physical simulation - proper muscle fatigue, cardiovascular system, proper breathing (so you can stay for ages underway if you don’t move), digestion system, a functioning liver, depth perception, and a pulse. Okay, you can forget about the depth perception… Although you will be able to judge distances.
  • Factions and stuff. This is a bit undeveloped so I’ll leave it at that.
  • Proper physical damage system. If you’re pissed off at the fact that so many mods call themselves “realistic” because you do more damage to the head, and less damage to the foot, this is for you. There’s no “health”. The closest thing is blood volume. You get shot in the head, you die. Period. Shot in the foot, you move slowly, but unless you have haemophilia, you’re not going to die of blood loss. Also, you heal at a slow rate, depending on your metabolism, but you need to keep eating. There’s no health packs, but it’s very hard to die instantly.
  • New custom animations - no more cheap hands moving from side to side. They’ll move like they should.
  • Minimalized HUD. Obviously, no health. You don’t see your ammo. Because I’m sick of having to use “OOC” in shitty roleplaying gamemodes, you can talk globally.

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My face right now.

Keep the awesome blood effects!

You never dissapoint.(Please don’t abandon colonies though :tinfoil: )


And release them on the side too!

I swear to god if you let me down on this one, boy…



Keep in mind Airslide made the original FalloutMod, not Gravity Fletcher. It seems like you’re crediting him as though he made it. Just thought I’d point that out.

Aw fuck, Nanospork, I wanted to work on this months ago :frowning:

OP, I’ve still got a few ideas for this, can I talk to you on Steam?

I was reading the list and I was like holy shit that’s amazing then I realized it’s just the ideas and facepalmed.


Glad to know this gamemode is being worked on! Also thanks for sparing us from the OOC bullcrap

Uhm… I’m not an ideas guy. I actually do the coding. Besides, a few of these have already been mostly coded (see my sword).

But of course. I’ll do that now (although I did say that GF lent me the code, not that he made it).

Go right ahead.

You guess where he got that code from.

What do you mean?


I’m an idiot.

If you do this I will love you forever = D

Fucking awesome do it man.

What’s with all the dumbs? I repeat, I am not an ideas guy. All my projects so far have begun exactly like this, I only made a thread so gravity fletcher didn’t think I was going to run off with the code.

Just a few things that flagged up when I read through that list.

First, I think that although you’re heading the right direction when it comes to realistic health stuff. However, simulating a liver and muscle fatigue system (etc) is pushing it. Blood volume is a good idea though. You should have a system like Wurm Online, where if you take damage to a certain body part, that body part receives a wound with a specified damage value. If the damage value is small enough, it will decrease over time and eventually heal up by itself. If it is not small enough, it will eventually increase over time. Wounds can be treated by applying bandages which reduce the damage value, but if the wound is bad enough, bandages will only prolong life. Medicines will be required to heal bad wounds.

The “health” of a player can be determined by taking a fixed value (maybe depending on a character attribute) and subtracting all of the wound damage values. If it’s less than 0, player dies. The lower this value, the more blood the player loses per minute. This health value can also be used to modify things like speed. The advantage of this system is it’s simple, and can be used to simulate body part specific damage. So bad wounds on your legs will slow down walk speed severely, whereas wounds on the arms or hands will reduce “action” speed.

The other thing is not being able to see your ammo. It’s fine to not show how many bullets are left in the chamber, but you should at least know how many more clips you have left in your belt/backpack (unless these are handled by the inventory system, in which case ignore this).

Other than that, I enjoyed this gamemode the first time round and I look forward to playing a new updated version.

I love this gamemode, bring it back, I’ll invite all my friends and we can get some team deathmatch up in this bitch.