-=FalloutRP=- War...War Never Changes...

-snip- cause you all are assholes! Fuck you all.

This is basically a custom HUD (not really your’s though), some Fallout SWEPs, Fallout NPCs, and Fallout entities that can be downloaded out of the Steam Workshop or GMod.org.

This does not seem that modified, or different from the actual DarkRP so far.

It’s pretty crap; it’s just the implementation of other people’s model ports and weapons and addons into DarkRP. I mean, DarkRP in and of itself is already piss easy to customize with custom models and jobs, and adding weapons and such is as easy as subscribing to it on the workshop and adding in a few lines of code inside of the config files.

What makes this any better than the plethora of also-stupid DarkRP Fallout clones? DarkRP isn’t shit, but when people pile on other people s work into an unoriginal re-edit that they claim credit for, it definitely doesn’t give the server much credibility.

First question: How do you get bottle caps or money?

Looks like a combination of these addons on workshop:

Drinking Sunset Sarsaparilla.

It’s an interesting idea, but I don’t think this is the way to flesh it out.

“I’m recoding it to my liking”

Boy, if I had a nickle for all the times I’ve heard someone say that when editing DarkRP. No, you are not “recoding” DarkRP, you are making some quick edits and copy pasting other people’s work into it.

So far, this is pretty bad. I’d recommend just scrapping it and getting better at Lua before picking up any other ambitious projects.

This guy is clearly new to Lua and he is just having a bit of fun. Ignore his false claims and let him do his thing. We were all new at one point so hush.

Looks like this is stolen
check 1:31
: register on our forums at: insanityrp.com

Doesn’t excuse his false claims. He has to learn sometime, right? So why not now?

Oh it’s the Cider HUD. No credit given to the owner or anything.

Im not gonna advert but i just finished EDITING MY DARKRP FOR A RESIDENT EVIL FEEL.
True story but that was not so hard was it right? I totally flat out said that i edited darkrp.

Just a suggestion to the OP replace “FalloutRP is a gamemode, off the DarkRP base. Now, before you say “DARKRP IS TOTAL SHIT!”, just know that most of the gamemode isnt DarkRP. I’m recoding it to my liking.”

With "FalloutRP is a DarkRP edit, now if you say DARKRP IS TOTAL SHIT thats fine its just a edit that im making to create a fallout feel. When its done i hope you enjoy a little change from the original feel from a darkrp server.

Hey, where are the credits? You know, you are making yourself look like a fool when not giving credits to Silverlan and Halokiller38(me) for making the NPCs and Fallout SWEPs(Me)

Which was taken from RP08.

Okay I give you that one. XDDD

Or it was taken off Garrysmod.orghttp://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=133742

Maybe thats because I own InsanityRP.com? Take a look at my steam profile, and look at my primary group.

Is this really anything to brag about?

You’d be better off letting him take the credit.

I don’t know if you did the hud by your self or just edited this one (http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=133742)
But really? You could have atleast tryed to make a custom one and better one for FalloutRP

I just started this a week ago, but I just edited yours. I will make a custom one later on.