Fallschirmjager executing an American Airborne

smoke looks too soft and a bit 2d and the blood looks a bit smudged

They aren’t private. :colbert:

Posing on the guy’s arm looks pretty slack.

Smoke looks 2D, muzzleflash and blood need work, and the posing looks decent.

And what’s that german on the right doing?
Executioner German: “Play me off German #3!”

I like this.

I find it a little sick that you have the music of a Polish nationalist being played by a Jewish pianist who was almost killed in Warsaw during WWII. However, the picture is quite nice, I hate that DoD piano model though.

Also, applause for posting a Chopin piece.

Purely coincidental.

As far as I am aware the Fallschirmjager didn’t execute soldiers.


Why does it matter if a German soldier happened to know a piece of music someone wrote and happens to be playing it in the background?

Hitler listened to a lot of Jewish musicians.

I love Chopin, his art makes me all warm inside. Except for prelude 15, that one makes me feel dark.



What about the second concerto? That one is dark, atleast the first movement.

Doesn’t make me feel as dark as Raindrop.

Play us a song! Your the German Soldier Piano Man! Play us a song tonight! We are all in the mood for a melody, and this execution has got us feeling alright.

Who puts a piano right there?

The blood is motion blurred a bit too much. And the composition could have been better.

Other than, pretty decent.

Oh, and it lacks light source/lighting overall

C-minor prelude? D-minor? Ballad in G-minor? The Raindrop is so not a dark piece! It simply has a troubled section that is eventually resolved. Although, it’s always calm before the storm…hmmmmmmmm.

I wouldn’t know, I wasn’t around then.

I’m talking about the middle, yes. Always reminds me of something sad :c

How could you possibly know that?

Duh, everyone knows that because we were all there right? :downs: