Fallschirmjager finishing off an American Soldier

Not really much to say here, just practicing my posing and editing.


C&C would be cool.

nice shading and muzzleflash… but the blood is a bit soft and needs a little work …but overally pretty nice edit

muzzle looks pretty good, shading looks good too
but blood is too dull

The posing and the shading looks pretty nice man.

awesome picture I love the posing

The posing is A++ but that blood edit is a little odd looking…

Yea… wouldnt a Sub Machine Gun be blasting away, leaving a bullet-hole riddened neck?

Have a bonus:


Only 3 other people will know what this means. :v:


Oh, and I was directly inspired by MadManMad’s editing for the face effects.

yeah looks great except for the soft blood

nice posing

The shading is quite good and the effects are okay. The picture really lacks any changes to the lighting though, making it seem quite game-y.