Fallschirmjager shooting someone


It’s okay. Low-res ground is really noticeable though and the flash is oddly shaped. Also, what rifle is that? I’d say it’s a G43… but then I’d say it’s missing its magazine.

Muzzle flash.

oh shit

at first I thought he was in a stream or something

gun fires…
2-3 shots
with no mag?

muzzle is really bad, but other parts look good

ok ok every one the mag is there his hand is covering it the mag on the cod waw g43 is really far up so it there you just cant see it :slight_smile:

Great pose but I think Fallshirmjagers only used MG42 and FG42. Tell me if I’m wrong.

You are wrong.

The Fallschirmjägergewehr was made to replace the MG34, and give the Fallschirmjäger enought firepower because they can’t carry light MGs.

yea about that i tryed something new like in every muzzle flash edit every one uses the same shape rounded at one end then it comes to a point and yea muzzle flashes do look like that but not all the time

I like the blur.

Muzzle flash is pretty bad tho.

Good picture though

That muzzleflash makes no sense.