Fallschirmjäger team kills soldiers

So I haven’t posed in about 2 years, mostly because I haven’t had any ideas, hence the genericness of this picture. What I’m mostly concerned about is my editing. How can I make the blood and bullet impacts look less… fake? Any help would be nice :smile:

Without further ado:

Comments, critiques, and all that jazz please.

Muzzleflash needs to have some glow and color, they aren’t all white.

Yeah, it was yellowish when I started on the flash. I guess I edited it all out :\

every time i see that fucking name “faslshichsoigmidfg” i get annoyed.

don’t ask why


that american is falling forwards when shot, hmm

Eh… Seems a little to based on the Americans. Also, you don’t tips over a sandbag then get shot.

The guy was kind of already dead.

Why is the muzzleflash pointing up a bit?