False EAC Ban, could I get some help please?

I have been game banned for an unknown reason. The only thing I can think of that has happened shortly before my ban was that I was using the client.connect command to connect to my server as it would not show up in the server list.

Eventually this was resolved by havochost support and asked me to try again, I still couldn’t find it so I tried a manual connect again. It worked but when I checked to see the server name to see if I had been typing it incorrectly Amsterdam II appeared instead. I restarted my server and tried again, this time I got a unity error (can’t remember the exact one but I wasn’t loaded into a game when it occurred, I was on the main menu).

After I restarted my server again, and restarted Rust it appeared to be working on the server list although I was banned before being able to get ingame.

my SteamID64 is: 76561198055701125

Could I get some more information regarding this as I believe it to be a false ban and is due to trying to connect with the command and possibly sending over corrupt data which triggered a ban.

My EAC log only shows this:

Ban is from a definite detection of a paid cheat.

That wouldn’t make any sense as I have never cheated on Rust, experimental or legacy for that matter.

If you didn’t cheat, then someone else used your account and did cheat. Or then you have used someone elses computer that has had a known hack signature running. Either way the ban is permanent.

I have 2 step-auth on my steam account and my PC is privately used. Nor have I used my account on anybody elses computer.

I am genuinely confused about this as I 100% have not cheated on Rust, not now and not any time in the past.

Is there anybody I can speak to in regards of getting this looked into further?

No, the ban is permanent. You will need a new Steam account and a new copy of Rust in order to play.

No. You will not be told what hack was detected or when. Doing so would give away too much information to the cheat writers.

There is no hack to be detected, what I’m saying is I know for a fact I have been falsely banned, and as far as I’m aware I have no software running that can even inject itself into Rust’s memory. So I’m curious as to why I would have been banned for a known hack signature when I haven’t had any hack running.

There is also no possibility somebody else has gotten me banned.

If only I hadn’t heard this hundreds of times before from confirmed cheaters (including direct screenshot evidence being posted by garry, when he was doing that), I’d give you the benefit of the doubt.

I understand what you’re saying and I agree, an EAC dev has said I’ve hacked and can’t provide proof other than his word. I get that, and I understand that it’s an excuse you would have heard thousands of times.

What I’m asking for is a further investigation as I know I’ve not hacked, if they can provide proof then I’d love to see it myself as if it can happen in Rust it could happen to me in another game and I want to know why this has happened.

If I stay perm banned then fine, but I still would like to know why or how I’ve been banned.

If unknown or suspicious patterns are found, we store those pieces of memory for manual analysis. If the pattern doesn’t proof to repeat itself and/or not to be a cheat, the data is discarded usually within one month and at most three months. This means that a delayed ban can be placed up to three months after the offense. This is also stated on our website: http://www.easyanticheat.net/privacy/

Please also note that some hacks leave traces in your computer that might still cause a detection and get a new account banned as well. For some hacks the only solution might be to reinstall Windows completely.

We don’t disclose the evidence publicly as it would make the cheat vendor bypass our detection. We are more than happy to provide the necessary evidence to proper authorities if it would ever come to that point, but we will not share it publicly. We do however store the detection data indefinitely.

Okay so what you’re saying is, in the last 3 months something has injected itself into Rust’s memory and it’s been manually looked at and I’ve been banned for it?

As I have never cheated on Rust, are there any other pieces of software that may have attempted to do this?

I wish I had a dollar for every “false ban” thread I’ve seen

dude, u have been vac banned…

Game bans aren’t VAC bans. The game ban was placed there by EAC. Game bans were introduced months ago.

There’s a big difference between a game ban and a VAC ban, dude. A game ban is where you’re basically banned by the developer(s) of the game(s) in question and can no longer play the specific title(s) you were banned from (like in this case, the OP is game banned from playing Rust, meaning that they can no longer play Rust with the Steam account they normally use), whereas a VAC ban will block specific access to VAC-protected servers depending on where the ban was placed (example: being VAC banned in CoD:MW3 blocks access to VAC servers in MW3, while being VAC banned in a Source-based game server bans you from all VAC-protected Source servers).

VAC System info.
Game Ban info.

u mean this ban in his steam profile with red color not vac ban? allways thought it was vacban

You’re wrong.

Valve introduced the game ban notifications for user profiles a few months back or so to help users find out that they were banned from certain games by the developers via the use of their own anti-cheat systems. Due to a lot of confusion between users that were unable to access matchmaking servers or other such features in third-party titles due to being banned by the developers, Valve made the decision to add the notification to not only inform the user(s) in question about being banned, but to inform others of possible encounters with someone that has been marked as a known cheater.

In the case of Rust, the developers use EAC (EasyAntiCheat) to combat the cheaters. Being banned by EAC is not the same as being banned by VAC, as it only applies to Rust.

I actually linked to that in my previous post. :v:

damn sry plz :stuck_out_tongue: