False EAC ban

So I was having a nice game of League and when I come back I’m getting messages from people saying that I got banned from Rust, at the time I didn’t have rust open and have not hacked the game thus far, the only thing I did have was a hack client on my computer capable of hacking multiple games, So it’s my believe that EAC or something of the sort was scanning my computer when I was not in game and banned my rust that I have 600+ Legit hours on for a hack client that has nothing injected into the game and has the ability to hack many other games, I don’t believe that I should be banned on rust because I did not and never intended to hack! (On this game) and was banned for having the ability to, If EAC wants to ban me at least ban me ON THE CORRECT GAME!
Than you.
And for all of you that want to see my steam, http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198086462626/
I know I am not a Rust hacker and I don’t want to be portrayed as one.

well, you’re wrong. If EAC banned you, it would be because it detected a Rust specific hack running at a time when you were playing Rust.

But I was not playing rust so that’s not right either.

Well it is. EAC doesn’t do a ban the instant it detects a hack of course. That’d be silly as it’d make it easy for the people making the hacks to figure out how to avoid fast detection.

Fast detection, I had the client sitting there for a week and it didn’t even ban the right game, also I would prefer if someone that knew what they were talking about posted on this thread not someone like you…

By fast detection I was referring to something becoming a known and countered hack by the anticheat. Also idk what you mean by it didn’t ‘ban the right game’. If you got a rust ban, it’s because a rust hack was detected.

I’m just telling you how EAC bans would work lol. I’m sorry if you don’t like hearing something that contradicts your two defense points, but that’s still how it is.

firstly, postal is a mod and probably the most active user on this forum that i have seen. it’s probably safe to say that he has read enough of the EAC threads to have a better idea how it works than you op.

you got caught for using hacks at some stage in the last 3 months. it doesn’t matter if you weren’t online in rust at the moment you received the ban.

First off, EAC scans the game’s memory for anything that might be considered as a hack/cheat, not the entire system. If it detects anything in the game’s memory that could be seen as a hack or cheat, it will kick in and ban the account (which can be delayed up to a total of 3 months at the longest from what I recall reading in a previous thread). If you received a game ban


I’m pretty sure you’d get the same response that you got from Postal from various others that view this section as well. The whole “I didn’t hack” claim, as well as several other users and one or two of the EAC guys themselves explaining how EAC works, has been seen so many times in this section that it’s not very hard for someone to understand how EAC works at a rough glance.

Fine I guess I will give abit more detail into how I literally could not hack, so for anyone who is familiar with how this client works you will know what I am talking about.

  1. I have a cracked windows 10 that is not able to be updated.
  2. The hack client will not inject any hacks into any game unless you have a Kernel patch.
  3. To install a Kernel patch your windows needs to be updated to the latest major update.
    So can someone please tell me how I had any sort of hack in rust when I can not physically inject anything because my Windows is not updated because it’s cracked.

Warez is a bannable offense on Facepunch. Yarr
Maybe buy your OS and not cheat in games.

  1. While I don’t condone warez/piracy, I’m pretty sure having a cracked copy of an OS wouldn’t cause an issue, as I know a few people who have been playing Rust and actually use a cracked OS without any issues. The longest-playing person I know of has been playing the game periodically over the last 5 months at the least, which exceeds the maximum of the 3-month delay limit that EAC can have at the most.

  2. You apparently didn’t catch what was said before, so I will repeat it once more. EAC scans the game’s memory for anything that might be considered as a hack/cheat, not the entire system; this means that the only way that EAC will implement a ban is if it detected an active hack/cheat running with the program and leaving traces of said hack/cheat in the game’s memory. EAC only scans the game’s memory; it doesn’t go through your system to see if you have any cheat/hack programs, so unless the program itself was running and then tied to the Rust client, continuing to mention it won’t serve much of a purpose.

  3. See response 1 and 2, as that statement generally applies to both of those.

Just because your hack client (which I don’t see how you keep expecting people to somehow magically know what it is with what little information you’ve included about it) won’t work with Rust because of whatever kernel patch it requires due to your OS being cracked, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t any other alternative options for people to use as a way to cheat/hack in the game.

You’ll just have to wait for one of the EAC guys to come here and confirm whether or not the ban was legit, which shouldn’t take all that long. Just be patient in the meantime and wait for their response.

And your missing the point I can’t hack but I got banned for it

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Okay al wait

Pirated software.
And I don’t think you know how technology works based on your claims to why you couldn’t hack.

As I said people familiar with the Kernel patch will know what I’m talking about, but to my knowledge and experiences you can not apply it without an updated windows.

No one knows what you’re talking about because you’re in intentionally being super vague, as soon as someone knows the cheat you “didn’t use” they would see there’s Rust cheats.

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I will give you props though, not using the same username on cheating websites.

As I said in my previous post, just because that one program doesn’t work, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t any other alternative options for people to use as a way to cheat/hack in the game. There are multiple ways to use cheats/hacks in any game; you don’t need one specific program for all of them.

There are tons of programs out there that require kernel patches, dude. Expecting people to know which one it is by mentioning that it requires a kernel patch doesn’t really say anything.

All I am doing is trying to Explain my situation for EAC to see if they Deem it a fare ban, not sit here and try to tell everyone how hack clients and kernel patches work, and no I’m not trying to hold any information about the hacks I “Didn’t use” I have a master package that gives me about 30 games worth of hacks so yes rust is included but my case is that I can’t even use any of them and got banned XD

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This may be true but I don’t know of any other hacks but of the one I’m using for all my games.

EAC only checks for things that directly inject into the game in question and as such are used when said game is running. I bring this up as countless other people who were banned for cheating claimed that EAC was triggered for a trainer/hack/etc for an unrelated game being on their computer. It only triggers in Rust if you are running something that injects into Rust.

And odds are you aren’t the only person running “cracked” windows 10. If it was a problem with THAT, odds are a lot more people other than yourself would have a similar.

EDIT: If you really wanted to get in touch with EAC, you would have sent them a message on their website. Yes, people from EAC do view these boards, but you could have saved yourself the ridicule. People here do not take kindly to “I got banned but never hacked, honest!1” threads because every two weeks or so people who get caught cheating come here in a last ditch attempt to get the ban overturned.

I don’t know about other people situation but I’m trying to get the fact that there should not of been anything injected into my rust.

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Yeah I kinda found that out after the first few posts I was getting, came here because my mate recommended it because he knows what happend.

Well, that’s the thing, dude; while you keep trying to say that there shouldn’t have been anything injected into the game, there obviously was. Otherwise, EAC wouldn’t have kicked in and implemented a game ban on your account. At this point, it would be a lot easier to just contact them directly and hear what they say. The whole “I didn’t hack whatsoever” and “there couldn’t have been anything injected into the game” ordeals have been used too often around here and proven otherwise to really be a valid claim at this point

We can keep explaining how EAC functions from an external point of view (simply because only the guys behind EAC fully know how it functions and are smart enough to not disclose all of the details) and inform you of what will and will not trigger it from basic knowledge, but you seem to be more focused on claiming that it never happened and giving ambiguous information with the expectation of people automatically knowing what it is you’re talking about. We can’t really try to help you if you won’t help us to help you, you know?