False Idols


If someone interested - picture on screen.

Nice work.

Artistic as FUCK!

Now this, is art. This almost makes Da Vinci green from envy.

Freeman’s face contrasts with the artwork.

Why does this remind me of They Live!
(I’m talking about Dr. Breen)

i like this

Brush spam = worship

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seriously you’d get so torn to shit if you posted this in the creationism corner

pretty nice

It IS brush spam… But I like the colors, and the composition altogether ain’t bad.

i kinda like it. reminds me of street art, in a way. the only thing that’s weirding me out is the sparkly brush used on gordon.

my Eyes have been raped by the awesome.

Chesty, you haven’t an idea. This is purely orgasmic. e./sarcasm

This art is real art!!

I really like it.

It never matters about the method.
it’s about the result.
that’s why CC sucks ass if you post something digital.

oh…my…i can’t describe how i like this picture…this is real art

So if a singer auto-tunes a song then you still regard it as highly as a perfect operatic piece?

hahahha whatever man.

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How can you say that after the amount of greatly useful criticism you have gotten over there?

that’s entirely different.
This is the tools are there. How you use it is entirely up to you. Something that makes something easier/look better why not use it.

this is not the case in music as talent=/=sounding good doesn’t always apply.
lets put it this way
lady gaga has good beats, but ass tier lyrics. Does she has talent when it comes to beats? yes but when it boils it down to listening to here songs I just stand them (don’t hate me gagaheads)
but what most people forget on this forum is that art isn’t “because it looks cool” it is “what is the artist thinking” and “what is the artist trying to convey through this work”.
this beyond the “generic” and the “badass” frustrates me the most

Brush spam still looks like brush spam when all is said and done, and it would look a lot better if he had used them more sparingly. “All about what the artist is trying to convey” sounds like a convenient strawman to try and excuse things from being bad (or in this case, just overdone) to me.

Also, Lady Gaga is fucking awful in pretty much every way, so I don’t see where you’re going with that. What you think about a musician and whether this picture is over-executed or not are totally unrelated.