False Positive Game Ban

Hello, I was just banned today 4/3 with a game ban at about 2:50pm EST. I have no Rust hacks installed or running so not sure how I got the ban. 76561198296189709 is my steam profile ID. Not really sure who to appeal too etc.


Ban wave.

They work like “wave” so they spot you cheating,you are placed in another wave of to-be-banned user
Dont cheat next time

Well apparently I got “caught” in the wave. Not exactly a helpful response haha. Just looking to rectify whatever is wrong.

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I wasn’t. Which is why I’m appealing it. If I was I’d suck it up and take the ban.

You show up on EAC’s official twitter report, so there’s a pretty strong chance that you used something to cheat in the game. As for who to appeal to, some of the folks from EAC do come around here, so someone from EAC will eventually see your ban appeal and respond back to confirm whether or not you were actually caught for using hacks. Alternatively, if you legitimately were banned and weren’t using any form of cheats/hacks, then the only other option to look into is that you were making use of the Family Sharing feature for Steam, and whomever you were sharing your library with must have been caught using cheats/hacks on their end. There’s also the likelyhood of having been caught in the ban wave, so there’s a good chance that you were caught earlier on and only recently ended up being banned.

In any case, someone from EAC will eventually see this, so just be patient and wait for them to respond. They’ll respond soon enough.

If you had a cheat program open in the background or got previously banned for cheating and bought rust again, and didn’t perform a clean install, you’ll have probably got banned as a result of that. Also EAC hands out bans in waves for the most part by flagging accounts for suspicious activity and banning them all at once.

Also you’ll forgive us for being skeptical because most of the time somebody comes in here with a story about a false positive ban it’s almost always confirmed by EAC to be a legitimate ban for using scripts/hacks.

THIS! I didnt uninstall rust when a “friend” used them on my old account. Got a game ban and I’ll admit he was using them. Bought a new copy on a new account and deleted his dumb ass hacks. But I was still using the install of Rust from that old account. I suspect thats why I got this one. Should I uninstall and reinstall? Wipe Windows? I have no idea what he did in installing the files. At this point I just want to fix whatever was done to my PC to play legit, but dont know what I should be looking for. I deleted the files but what else should I be doing?

P.S. Thank you for your informative post.

Likely story, this is the same story that we see every time there’s a ban wave.
But if you really do want to play clean, reinstall Windows, buy Rust again, and don’t let anyone play as you if it actually was a friend.

I understand completely. youre description is accurate to a T. A previous account but didnt clean install and got a new one as a result im guessing. Im just looking to play legit after a so called “friend” installed them the other night. I deleted everything he installed but didnt reinstall rust, but what else should I be looking for to not get them in the future? I wasnt around when he installed so I have no idea where there may be lurking files. Just wipe windows?

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I mean he was hacking no doubt about it, because he had the unfortunate duty of telling me. Im over the old account, it was stupid of me to trust him and I paid the price for it. At this point I just dont want my now second copy that was legit to be banned for his misdeeds. Wiping Windows now as many have suggested so will be slower responding. Thanks for the helpful responses thus far. Hopefully EAC will unban the other account.

problem is, its a legitimate ban. not only is the security of your account your responsibility, it’s also your responsibility to ensure there are no cheats running on your computer. if your friend leaves 30kg of heroin in your car boot, it’s still your ass on the line if you get caught.

we’re happy to help you play legitimately and to help you try to eradicate the remnants of the cheats, but the reality is you have a basically nonexistent chance of this account being unbanned. you will probably have to buy rust again; as you are doing, make damn sure everything is squeaky clean before you play.

also, occasionally the boys at EAC will give some 1 on 1 help with cleaning; might be worth a support ticket.

Well I’m not looking to be unbanned on the original account as I understand the consequences of it. I’m talking about the second account / game I purchased after deleting all the files. If my friend left 30kg of heroic in my car and I was arrested for it. . .I cant get arrested for the same 30kgs again after the PD seized it hahah. Ive went ahead and just reformated all my drives and reinstalled windows to hopefully eradicate all traces.

You wont be unbanned for this. You’re responsible for your PC.

The PD never seized the heroin.

They just told you dispose of it and took your word that you would do it. Now— they discover that you never got rid of it of all along— prompting another arrest.

The ban is justified and will not be lifted.