False Positive?

My steam id is 76561198043792358 STEAM_0:0:41763315 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198043792358
It says i got facepunch banned and i dont understand why. Would like an explanation and to get unbanned if possible

(User was permabanned for this post ("I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say the reason you got EAC banned from rust has something to do with that screenshot on your steam profile showing you using rust hacks... (nice going)" - postal))

just in case he tries to delete it:

First off, that’s a game ban, not a Facepunch ban; kind of a big difference between the two, considering that a Facepunch ban would be a ban from these forums. Second, your account shows up on Rust’s official EAC twitter as having been banned for detected use of cheats/hacks, so there’s a pretty good chance that you actually do know why you were banned. The only explanation at that point is that you were using a free or paid cheat for the game and ended up being detected by EAC. You’ll have to wait for someone from EAC to actually pop in and tell confirm whether this was a valid ban or a false detection (though chances are far more likely that it’s the former); if it’s confirmed that your account was banned for a valid detection, then your account won’t be unbanned.

Cheats then tries to cover it up?


It must be nice growing up without recognizing or acknowledging the concept of shame. You know what they say - ignorance is bliss.

and, checking his profile, he has done exactly that. still 3 pics, but that one has mysteriously been replaced.

It’s a good thing nobody reuploaded it elsewhere first.


I never played rust,but its obviously you are cheating
If you are blind,just look near Ak-47,a red square on another player

There’s more than that. I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting everything in blue.

Thanks for assistance dude

I’ve IP banned you on this server. Don’t bother coming back.

Wants to get unbanned, Posts evidence to confirm his bann.
You should get an award for absolute Retardness.

Give this guy the Facepunch appreciation Medal. Please.