False reports - Kicking Violation


In Rust news:

Automatic Violation Kicking - André Straubmeier
I enabled automatic kicking when high anti hack violations have been detected by a server. We have tested this on our servers for a while and as far as we’re aware there aren’t any unresolved false positives with it at this point, so it should be smooth sailing. Server owners can of course still configure this behaviour with the anti hack convars.

But there must be some bug inside, I saw many people get kicked for this (like half server… 50 people). I was not playing for few weeks, today bunch of friends start playing again, so I joined. We started at Frankfurt 2, but there was too good players (big bases, top gear…) there I saw many kicks… I was like… yea EAC is doing fine.

Then we moved to community server TrustInRust, start playing, been there few hours… then people get kicking too. And when I was laughing on them, I get kicked too. For nothing. I was idling in middle of room, then saw some players trough wooden bars, so I decided to shot him with my bow.
(yes with bow, I was on that server for hours, but I was being almost every few minutes killed by someone, so I was naked and with bow. ).

What is sad, admin of TIR server decided to simply ban these people automatically (so yes, half population get on ban list). He probably think it same as cheat detection, not think of innocent players.

Facepunch should really fix this, because false reports of someone being cheater dont lead just to ban, but can destroy player reputation. AS I said, I was playing with bunch of long time friends, they were looking on me like wtf… what i am doining…

Again. no vac ban, no eac ban. Just some false kick which lead in destroyed reputation and local server ban. So Rust is now useless piece of software for me. If I cant play with friends anymore.

I know Rust have lots of cheaters, but this new tool kicked in one hour half population on two servers, that is not normal.

I know in news there was " any unresolved false positives" but on test server. Not in real environment. And its not first time when Facepunch start calling innocent people cheaters :frowning:

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheat" - Holmzy))

On my server this option kickng about 50 honest players per day!!! need to disable this bugged option!

strangetype - in that news message from Mr Straubmeier he said you can use some cvar to change this.

Normally I would say - anything that will bust cheaters is good. But this is big. So many people get kicked. I dont believe there are that much cheaters ;D

And in my case - i have fresh Windows 10 x64, so it cant be any bad thing.

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This is getting really serious

I am NOT VAC Banned, I am NOT EAC Banned (proof https://twitter.com/rusthackreport)
still I can not now connect to ANY server - getting error “steam auth gamebanned”.

All this because one false kick.

Can anyone from Facepunch please answer and explaing this? How is possible I cant connect to any servers, still not being banned officially on VAC or EAC? (and Im glad im not, because im not cheater!!!).

**edit: ok, now after 1 hour I see on my profile 1 game ban - by game developer.
BUT STILL NO EAC BAN. So what is this? Facepunch is allowed to ban people even without anticheat report? Just because some dev turn on testing cvar overnight? I hope this will get explained and cleared in few days. I am really dissapointed :frowning: **

Is this your Steam account: http://steamcommunity.com/id/rodiercz ?

If it is, then the ban is from a definite detection of a pay-to-cheat payhack. EAC bans will show as a game ban in your Steam profile.

Now after hour im on that twitch. That is very interesting.
I still hope in clarification :frowning:

my steamID: STEAM_0:0:10355680

No cvar in the news :frowning:
66 random players kicked for 2 days

How is this possible? Yes I know I should not waste time here and buy another cd key - money for you.

But its matter of principles for me. I did not any hack. If yes, I will never write here and waste my and your time. Im not usuall 10 year old script kiddie.

I have fresh Windows 10 so no trojans, spywares any bad junkies that can minx Steams or Rusts rootkits.

We don’t get any money for Rust keys, we just maintain the anti-cheat.

The account has been banned because there was a paid hack loaded inside Rust game memory. EAC does not ban for viruses, trojans or rootkits. Only for cheats.