False Rust skins on servers via mod

Hello guys, not sure, if i chose right place, but anyway.
I know there is no server rules yet in rust, but im here to report a community server generaly because i think that he’s doing an illegal thing.
So, there is a server (, wich is offering to the players false skins as a paid service via mod (that works only on that server).
They just take skins wich they have no rights and trade them for money (and still being listed as a community server!); and for me, as one of the rust skin creators, that’s seems absolutly unacceptable and illegal.
Here is their shop and video about it:
Skiner video
Shop (They trade all the skins that are currently in game for 1 months just for ~2$)
(They also have a lot of other paid mods, like stacker and faster craft for money.)
I know that Valve started to ban servers that is doing simmiliar things, i hope Facepunch will pay attention on this and ban them too.

there are certain things that fall in the realm of “up to the server owner”. most of this falls into that category, but making money off other peoples work is a bit dodgy…

I’m gonna have to agree with knifey, that seems really dodgy, like there’s no rule against making money off VIP slots or spawnable kits, but i’m fairly certain there is some standard agreement with literally stealing content from content creators, even if the service was free… But we’ll wait for FP and see what they say.

I don’t know know, something like that happened in other games aswell, in team fortress 2 as example and steam never did something against it.

In cs:go there was a popular plugin that gave you any knife skin for free, and they finnaly decided to ban all servers with semiliar plugins because it’s totally illegitimately - there is copyright and authors of these skins / game developers didnt allow to use them, or especially make money from them. E.g. they’re selling my skin, but nether i or facepunch didnt ever permit them to.
If you’ll try to make something simmiliar to it IRL you’ll just get in jail…

probably not; in fact it’s unlikely anyone will do** anything** about it.

there would probably be grounds for private legal action if said plugins are effectively stealing money from the original designer’s income derived from the skins, but otherwise it’s not really Steams/Facepunches problem.

So, you think if plugins like that wouldn’t exist those people would actually buy your skin? I doubt it.

This kind of thing is bound to happen, but it is absolutely unacceptable. Skins are copyright material. Only the creator of the skin, and those whom he/she expressly permits to use said skins are allowed to do so (in this case, you’ve created a skin that you’ve licensed to Facepunch Studios). This server should be removed as early as possible, and made an example of. That said, Rust is heavily in development, and it may take some time for this sort of thing to be manageable. As I understand it, in order to craft a skin legitimately in game, there is communication from the server via Steam API that is specific to any given players “Inventory”. As others noted, this has happened before in other games, namely CS:GO and the ability to use knife skins without actually owning them.

The proper course of action is to remove/ban this server immediately, and inform the owner of their wrongdoing. If and when they are willing to comply with reasonable concessions being a server host, they might have the opportunity to rejoin the community.

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Do you have any idea how massive the community market is? How many skins are sold/traded daily? There’s a news announcement in CS:GO right now informing the community of an opportunity to submit skins that will be included in an upcoming weapons case. They clearly state that EACH finish earns over $40,000 on average. http://polycount.com/discussion/168659/cs-go-weapon-finish-contest

In reality, the competition amounts to spec work, meaning most professional graphic artists won’t participate because they are submitting their hard work, with Zero guarantee of any kind of compensation. But for artists who have their skins in games, this is a HUGE deal, and to see someone abuse their work, harm Facepunch Studios, and possibly the development of Rust due to lost revenues that should be in their pocket; That’s incredibly insulting. So go troll somewhere else, your doubts have absolutely no merit in this instance.

That’s not the point. They’re selling items with they have no rights, its just like a misappropriation of rights and is absolutely unlawfully. Facepunch need to do something with it asap.

I get what everyone’s saying but this doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. Maybe that’s just because I steer clear of servers with “paid” perks. I’d probably suggest everyone else do the same (unless you are in to these kinds of things).

If the server has no pop it won’t survive. Are there a lot of people who play on servers like these?

basicly every Battlefield server does use skins on spawn and they are Populated as fuck.

I think they should disable it, you shouldnt be able to use “digital properties” before paying