False VAC Ban - Serious Issue

Hello all

First of all I got banned like 21 days ago from Rust during our raid in Swedish server. 1st day, I already contacted with Steam and got like 5 reply untill today.
However in last day, they suddenly explain the reason of ban as “Sharing the game with another account” which I never heard about it and done before.

My steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/m3talium

I already PM to GarryNewman which quickly reply to me to contact “postal” in here, which already sent him message 1 week ago and didnt have reply yet.

As every people who got vac ban said (id care hacking/nothacking), I will say of course I’m not hacking. I know the judge policy of steam because I’m hacking in their perspective since I got VAC Banned.
Sorry to say that but steam support is crap. In every reply they made, reason started to change.

2nd e-mail: This ban will not be removed. Please buy the game again with another account and make sure you deleted all hacks. (WHY YOU PRETENDING HACKERS TO BUY THE GAME AGAIN? - even I’m not a hacker)
3rd e-mail: There’s no possible way to unblock VAC Ban. Vac bans are not negotiable and there won’t be given any info about it. Steam have rights to keep it bla bla bla
4th e-mail: “You’ve got banned because of sharing your account with anyone else which attemp to use hack”
Last e-mail: Your informations are not matched with our record. You shared your account.

If VAC Ban is not negotiable and no information will be given to user, why you are telling me that “shared account used hack”
Sorry but it is quite funny. I will follow this until it is fixed. VAC Ban or steam records really needed to be investigated very carefullly.

About my explanation to Steam Support and postal, I’m working for a game company in Turkey for a MMOFPS game. Which means we got thousands of hacks to be tested before block for our game.
I gave all possible scenarios to steam support which says hacks in my folder for the game which I worked as PM might be detected but they shared only “Shared account use hack”

Hope postal or Facepunch guys see this post and at least they can inform Steam if they dont have authority to manage bans.

Btw, I’m not following to save my 19.99$, I’m just doing it for justice.

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Oh, thank you for this.

It’s been a while since I spat my coffee out from laughing.

You’re a grown man , deal with it , buy the game again and don’t cheat or when you “share” the account tell your “friend/s” not to do it !

You never know, until it happens to you. You may have fun by trolling posts.
Never judge people without having no idea about who are they and what they did.

We don’t care, the only ones in charge of VAC are Valve.

postal is going to refer you to Steam Support. When he is back in June.

The only two groups of people on this planet that reverse VAC bans are Steam Support and the VAC team itself. That’s it. Nobody on Facepunch has any control over Valve Anti-Cheat.

either someone got your steam details and hacked or you hacked.

Well, I forgot to add…

First reply includes, dont share account with anyone else. Which means someone used my account and use hack.

But then it converted to “Sharing game with another account”.

I gave my static home ip and asked them to check it. Because it is the only ip which the game were played. This is not about being grown or being child.

Again for all, dont judge people because of they got vac banned. System always have chance to ban wrongly. No program is perfect.

If the 4th email is true then you shared your account to someone ( family control share maybe?). Either way… it does not matter… they are not banning YOU they are banning the account no matter who used it.

Also the part about working for a game company and the fact you need to test hacks is either bullshit or terrible stupid ( sorry ). I worked for a game company for quite some time and i never actually tried anything on my home pc. (Not to mention that you would have to run a RUST hack in order to get banned from RUST). The “hack” you say you tested would have to injct inside rust so in theory you would have to test a rust hack while playing the game.

Worst case scenario you will continue vac banned.
Best case scenario you will continue vac banned.

Well sir, the point you try to reply seems a bit aggressive.
I was expecting a helpful comment by you as “Garry Newman” did instead of as you said “WE DONT CARE”.

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Work procedure of gaming companies might be different as you worked before. We are not using only one pc to check hacks since all of our pc’s including office and home pc’s are using safety programs to test hacks. And during the time I was using my non-paying annual leave because of my sickness and playing rust all day and reporting hacks for game and checking e-mails for games.

I didnt put all details about my explanation to steam here. Because it is pointless to explain what I am doing for the company as an employee or what I did for Rust as a player.

postal can’t reverse your VAC ban, and he’s AFK until June, as his avatar states:


postal’s profile

Also, we see VAC unban threads every two days. Everyone is apparently being falsely banned and VAC makes mistakes 99% of the time. So, we’re not patient with people repeating stories we’ve heard dozens of time.

There’s in no parental control.
No way to hack my account.
No way to login/play anywhere else.

That is why I’m following it.

Do you realize that there have been exploits that were able to bypass Steam Guard?

I’ve heard “I was testing hacks” three times in five days. If you are a game developer, you should understand the concept of sandboxing. You should understand that you should keep hacks away from anywhere that VAC can see it.

You failed to do so and you’ve paid the price. VAC can’t read your mind. If it detects active hacks, it bans, it doesn’t have any concept of “why” those hacks are there.

You know what, due the fact I know what a VAC ban means. I would not waste my energy trying to fight it.

Read the username. That’s not @garrynewman.


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If someone can use my account bypassing Steam Guard, it is not my problem. People are paying for the games and protecting their account by using Steam Guard.

And I’m not a developer, I’m publisher. There’s a gap between developer and publisher. Also all hacks detected by VAC should be injected by that game. That’s the other point that VAC sucks.

I dont want VAC to read my mind. I want Valve to investigate more instead of cutting the conversation by chaning ban reason in every e-mails

Actually, you’re still responsible for your own account under the TOS. It is indeed your problem. :v:

SteamGuard is not a guaranteed absolute defense.

Would you complain that your anti-virus detected viruses and deleted them when you were testing viruses? Learn how to sandbox properly in a virtual machine already. You won’t find sympathy here.

If Valve has, in fact, fucked up, it still has nothing to do with anyone on Facepunch.

Great read here. The most funny thing:

Yea, download suspected software on any PC, then run it on any of them. Do this inside of a gaming company. That’s how you make sure at least one hack writer will get access to your games (including source codes) before release. If that story would be true this would be the most stupid company on this planet. Also:

So not even skilled enough for messing with such hacks. Is your housecleaner also installing hacks on his PC to help you? :rolleyes:

Noone can pass safety guard. So dont talk about anything you dont know.

I just told you there have been attacks that bypass SteamGuard. They depend on your machine being infected with malware or just outright compromised, however.