False VAC??

Is garry putting false information in his game? It’s not that I’m worried getting banned or something nor I’m planing to cheat. But when I saw this notification while connecting to the server it made me curious.


Normally games that are development stage doesn’t include anti-cheats systems till the final release. And especially VAC is not mentioned in Rust game store.


nor have this


or included in the list


Interesting, I’m not sure about this.

Yes he puts vac to scare people off. Garry did the same thing with gmod and called it vac. People call it GAC (Garry’s Anti Cheat) SOOOO it’s not the real vac

Garry has his own anticheat again for Rust iirc.

VAC is implemented, as far as I know.

right now im pretty sure it’s just a digital ‘beware of dog’ sign, because as you said I can’t find anything from steam that says it uses VAC.

Although it could also be an anti-cheat made by garry that he just calls VAC because people are used to it?


Stop saying bullshit.

doesn’t give one an excuse to cheat anyways

Gmod always had VAC, this is true. even when it was a free mod it was still supported by vac

Did TC just make this topic to complain about anti cheat lol? What an idiot.

but until garry stepped up you could speedhack and cheatengine all you wanted

since most admins don’t even know how to peel a banana you’d see speedhackers not being dealt with for hours at a time

well vac really has never been that reliable

it’s sure as hell better than the horror stories of punk buster

ahah punkbuster banned my account way back when I played BF2142 and i was pretty sure it was due to a revenge TK :v:

VAC is by far better now than it has been in the past. Cheaters in games like CS:GO are getting banned, and I feel admins will for the most part be fairly tight on their servers. Hacks have already unfortunately been developed for Rust, and private ones just got released :suicide:

Yes, but what of every single user that uses texture material hacks going unpunished? as if they do that, they are sure to get hacks when they are undetectable by VAC, or just plain go to VAC-free servers and fuck them up. VAC also bans (or at least used to ban [going by forum posts btw]) for gametools which include injection such as mp3 players and some third-party server watchers.

Of course it has improved a great deal in the past decade, but its still far off from being reliable. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t the most reliable anti-cheat out there right now

He is a priority on Valve. Garry’s mod is big and he used Source Engine 2 on it. He is getting protection from Valve but the anti-cheat isn’t completely online it but it is there. Don’t worry about it. I haven’t seen a single hacker but i have seen admin abuse (give players bunch of stuff and creating huge admin buildings etc) and then there are the dupers ofc but they fixed that so i don’t think that there is anything to worry about.

source engine 2 doesn’t exist :v:

Pardon, sir. I meant just Source Engine. :slight_smile:

2006 vs 2007 vs 2013(in dev)