Falsely banned by EAC!

I have recently gotten into Rust Experimental. I decided to join servers and play for a while, very fun game for that matter. But I kinda wanted to get a little more into it, so I created a server under the name “Uranium Servers.” It has been up now for a little over 24 hours. I then decided to fill it with plugins, adding kits, backpacks, chat commands, oxide, etc… Then today I was playing and I finished creating my dank base and then started to program the kits. After that I was nocliping around and before I did this with no issues. Flying around the map is very fun and can have benifits to you as an admin. But all of a sudden, I was flying to the right pressing only the “D” key. Then I got kicked. I tried to join back and it said I was banned for cheating. I used the “unban” command and unbanned myself from my server. I tried to join and it says, “Steam Auth: gamebanned.” This really confused me for I do/did not hack in rust. I will admit that I do used exploits and cheated in the past, explaining why I have 1 VAC, and 1 other game bans. But that was the old me and I can tell you, to my grave. I did not hack, and if I knew that using a built in plugin(noclip) made by the developers, would get me game banned, I would have never done it. Please read through this appeal and consider it. I very much like this game and I don’t want to leave. Thank you for taking the time and patients to read this. I really hope I do get to come back to the community. :slight_smile:

P.s. I was not super sure where to put the appeal, so it is going here. Tell me where to put it other wise.

Not sure what you’re expecting anyone to say if you aren’t gonna link your steam account

Sorry about that. http://steamcommunity.com/id/BenderOrMatt/

well i gotta say, 1 vac and 2 game bans doesn’t make it easy to believe you. wait for confirmation by EAC/the devs here, or contact EAC directly.

just as a reminder, bans may occur up to 3 months after the detection. so you don’t have to be cheating at the time of the ban.

Like I said before, I have never cheated in Rust. I have grown out of the immature cheating/hacking period. Thanks though.

There have been one or two instances where it was an error on EAC’s behalf. And the one I am 100% sure of happened to several thousand people. Not trying to be a dick, just that there have been thousands of people making the same claim as you are now. All of them were confident that they did nothing wrong, all of them were found guilty.

If you are found guilty, just let it go. Don’t be another one that continues to fight it, blames it on a potentially non existent 3rd party that got on your account or makes an empty threat of a lawsuit.

Listen, I never hacked in this game. And Like I said, I used to in other games, but never in rust. It would be greatly appreciated if I can see the reason for that matter. I promise I was not using any form of cheats.

So, your saying you have never cheated on Rust. Ok…but you HAVE stated you used to on other games. Not sure what amount of time correlates a difference but, sounds like to me you never got rid of those cheats and they are still on your computer,because guess what…it still counts

Why does everyone come here to make a “last stand”. GO TO EAC

They are told to

they not make false bans. buy new rust and get over it ^^

false. they made mistakes before and openly admited it here. i saw it at least 2 times that people were wrongfully banned and a EAC guy popped here to confirm the ban was a mistake. it doesnt happened a lot but it can happen. you assume too much. What would you do if you were the one that had the 1/1000 chance of being wrongfully banned and everybody accused you of lying? I’m not defending the guy, i think he got banned because he must have had hacks still installed on his computer for other games and those hacks program also have subscription for rust hack.

But EAC are not 100% accurate, they do false ban sometimes. and they admit it.

i’m reserving further judgement until EAC prove this to be another “one of those threads”.

in the mean time, loius is correct; EAC are not infallible, but they have been honest and open with the few false bans that have occurred, and quickly rectified both the bugs and the false bans.

The more people keep posting and shouting their innocence, the less I believe that they’re innocent. If it’s really a mistake, the ban will be reversed. If it’s not a mistake, the ban will stay. Nothing the OP says on the forum (other than providing their Steam ID to identify their account) matters whatsoever and the more desperate they are, the worse it looks.

However, given EAC’s stats (coming up on, if not past, 20,000 bans – bans weren’t initially livetweeted so the count on Twitter is an underestimate),you have less than a 1:1000 chance of being falsely banned. There have been four incidents where bans were reversed:

  • one ban was reversed, and then later reinstated when further research by EAC determined that the ban victim was in fact correctly banned on his main account because he was cheating on a (banned by EAC) family share account using the main account’s copy of Rust
  • two individual bans were reversed in separate incidents after EAC determined that, in fact, they were false positives; these unban discussions happened publicly on this forum
  • one incident in which thousands of false bans were handed out occurred, and all affected bans were immediately reversed; in this case, EAC itself was not at fault, but due to bugs in the Rust server and the Steam servers connecting the Rust server to EAC, EAC was being fed garbage detection data on player scans in official servers and handing out bans like free candy

It can happen; it’s statistically very unlikely to have happened here, and OP’s desperation underscores that probability.

I understand I have built a reputation, and that is what I get for hacking in the past. But that life is behind me and I will do everything in my power to prove my innocence.

Once a cheater, always a cheater. Sad but true. :confused:

You didn’t get banned for using noclip you got banned because a cheat program of some sort was detected on your pc, it does not matter if you used it for rust or not.

Stop using cheats and clean out your pc then maybe you wont get banned again.

I agree OP won’t get anything on these forums.

However to everyone stating that VAC can’t be wrong and flaming the OP, I hope you’ll be hit with a false positive once, just for you to know how it feels.

Maybe EAC and valve anti cheat get it wrong sometimes but the op has clearly said they used exploits and cheats on other games and i bet my money them cheats were still running in memory while playing rust so while the op might not be using it in rust it was still most likely detected hence the ban.

Also funny when people moan about getting server banned because they used an exploit then try blame it on the game because its alpha, sick of hearing and seeing it to be fair everyone who cheats or uses expliots deserves to be banned.

He was EAC banned, not VAC banned. Clearly you didn’t read elixwhitetail’s post, only two false positives have ever happened through EAC in rust. They have handed out around 20 thousand game bans, so there’s literally roughly a 1:10000 chance the op is lying, or making up excuses for cheating. So it’s a pretty safe bet to call him a liar.

  1. Yes I’m aware that a thousand or so people were handed false bans, but this was not EAC’s fault, and they were all unbanned almost immediately.

  2. EAC have stated plenty of times they do not ban if they find a hack or hack program on your computer or simply running in your memory. A known rust hack must be running alongside or hooking into your rust memory.
    Which basically means you could be hacking gta and counter strike at the same time, then boot up rust and you will still not be banned as they only ban if the hacks are running in rust.