"Familiarity"- Coming Soon

I wrote a short story a month ago, but never posted it for my own reasons. But I recently thought it would make for a good short movie. So about two weeks ago, I began to film.

Here’s your first look at “Familiarity”

(I’m using a new profile because I asked for my password but never got it for my old one :/)

I feel like for a trailer not enough was explained to grab the view and tell them
what was the story was about. I also disliked how text appeared every two seconds
I felt like I was going to stroke out.

The video was well done, I like the eerie foggy mood that was set. And red/orange being
the only color shown might foreshadow a theme during the regular movie.

Looks okay. Some of the camera angles look weird, but other than that it looks alright.

Use media tags.


Remove the 1.

Thanks for the tip spectre.

I’ve also found better voice actors and recording equipment, so that outta be another +1.

I cant use faceposer because for some reason, it crashes whenever I try to edit the phonemes. So I’m stuck with expressionless players and npc’s… But so far it seems to be turning out well enough.

The full vid outta be out within at least the next week or two.

Fucking love you.

Took me a while cause it kept saying “Your language is not set to English(UK). Would you like to switch it now?” and after saying yes, it would prompt me again. I tried it with another file and it worked. I don’t know what I did though :confused:

Well then, quality for this vid is going up by 45%