Family Sharing Question

I’m not going to lie I did hack on an alt and got myself banned. No problem there. Now the question is, will I get banned on my main? I’ve already deleted the game from this account and was wanting to buy a new copy soon. Just wanna know if I should spend the money.

Probably. EAC bans infect the main account when cheating on a family-sharing alt. That loophole got closed months ago.

Well, that’s a strange edit to your post. Did your fingers slip?

Nah, I thought I should hide my shame but felt stupid and changed it back.

i give you credit. edits normally work the other way around, with people being honest, then hiding all the bad stuff with lies or omissions when they edit it again.

as elix said, the main account normally gets banned; since people were just using family share to get around having to rebuy the game, they had to escalate to banning the source, not the symptom.

Alright, thanks guys!

Clear that computer of the cheats man!

Of course I have :slight_smile: (I ran them from a FLASH DRIVE (NOT USB) anyways but a nice deep scrubbing made sure that’s gone)