Fan Art

Didn’t see a thread for this topic so why not.
I guess I’ll start us off:

I know it sucks, but it’s a start. Honestly though, I’d like to see what anyone has to show for artwork, if anyone has even tolerated this game enough to make any artwork yet.

What’s there to make. There is not much that makes the game stand out graphically yet.

as i placed my final barricade,…the hacker killde me. i t was unfair and i was very angry…so i tilted my fedora to hide the single teer runnin down my face as i vowed to gain revenj

Did my own!

I laughed for a good 10 minutes and even considered setting this as a desktop background.

oc donut steel

We need a pic where 15 naked men runs towards you with axes on their hand…

Maybe in HD too?

Average night in Rust.

This is too perfect.
Although, you should have 50 bags on the floor, full of hatchets :smiley:

EDIT how to make it small size? :frowning:

Niklas… Great job on that. Shows the game in its current state for everyone waiting for a key.

So we should paste it in the Beta Key thread, so everyone knows what they’re missing?
…No, it would just make more people want to play.

This is a good suggestion

This is looking good.

i think i done good

“im 12 and wat is this”
I Fell out of my chair, and dropped my keyboard.

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I Tried. Probably the worst/least funny image here, but what do you expect from Paint.

I call it Rusty_Art.png.

This is amazing, I am gonna print out all these pictures on huge pieces of paper, and then tape them all over my room.

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Not bad… [Insert Meme Here]