Fan-made trailer

Hi! Made some kind of trailer, for Rust. Wanted to show more firing weapon in the end, but some “good people” likes to kill naked guy with the rock)

I don’t get why every time you show something, you show it once, yet for hunting you show yourself using the bow like 100 times. Kinda a waste of time.

I somewhat agree that you showed the bow far too much in comparison to the other items and what not. Might want to try more guns, etc, next time just for better show. Not just the bow.

You lag WAY too much to make a trailer.

Just from a design stand point I’m going to critique your fonts.

Rust uses a Sans-Serif font, you should adopt that unless your Serif font compliments the Rust logo in a nice way, your current font does not.

You should pick something like one of these fonts.

As far as the video, cut out a lot of the fluff, it’s too long for a trailer, and the pace is too slow. You can show the mellow slow-paced parts of the game, but it kind of needs to be interlaced with hunting/fighting and cut down. The slower paced stuff needs to be more tense I think, like you’re really freaking out trying to survive.

Please take this as constructive criticism, I’m not trying to knock you down.

I do agree, for a trailer it’s way to long and you feel like ‘sleeping’ in front of the video, but OVERALL you had a great idea and will wait for a better version if you’re going to make one : )

Just cut it a little, add some more action, focus on more weapons too show (you favored bow way too much) ^^ and maybe change the music at some points to be more, you know - lively :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s great up until you get to the hunting bit. You spent a bit too long on that particular vignette. Cut it back a bit to show just that one awesome kill you had against the deer from far away, and then shift into another element of the game. It’s just that which makes the trailer seem too long. A 3:30 trailer is fine if you keep it flowing from element of the game to element of the game.

The time-lapse stuff was brilliant, and all the day/night cycle shots were very well placed. It had a nice ambiance to it.

Yea, I should’ve added some praise. The time-lapse stuff was great with the sun setting, the fast-forward exploration is pretty cool too. You could even do some things like fast forwarding through roads and trees, slow down a bit to show yourself navigating/climbing some rocks, then get a sick shot of you on top of a cliff overlooking some cool landscape. Make it have this huge epic feel to it.

Thank you guys for the feedback. It’s my first try to do something like that. I agree with all you’ve talking. I wanted to show more weapons and fighting but “full circle” in Rust is very long. For example. To craft 9mm pistol I need 2-4 hours. It’s very sad, that there are not PVP-servers with all nice stuff in your inventory at start) Maybe in future I’ll try to improve this video))

7/10 too much hunting

I like it, maybe get rid of the zombie part, the hunting part was a little long but very good trailer!:rock: