Fancy Survival

What do you guys think about “rare” or “unique” items and resources in Rust?

Say you were running far out in one of the randomly generated maps and came across a grove of redwood trees, huge trees that take longer than normal to chop down, and make wood that makes much different buildings than most of the other trees you see around. Maybe they look different, have more HP, etc…

Or, maybe you are high in the mountains and come across a weird ore that spawns up there, it is lighter in color and says “titanium ore added” when you try and mine it. It creates higher quality pickaxes, hatchets and doors.

Could apply to guns and armor too. Depending on what lore, if any, FP wants to use in regards to Rust, they could tailor it as they see fit

I think this idea is invaluable to the longevity of the game. Obviously we are in pre-alpha stages right now but even now I can see the endgame of rust becoming a bit boring if there isn’t anything to keep interest aside from clearing everyone else off the server.

I think this would be a great way to spread people out, instead of swarms of people huddling around town just waiting for stuff to spawn.

Also, you may want to check out the Rust Suggestions subforum. :slight_smile:

Open this link - map of rust:
You see this map, now zoom in the bottom left. That small area is the area we use now.
Eveything around it is wasteland. Those lands are not resourceful (food, metal, wood) enough to build a base there.

If something interesting would be there, like a material you would otherwise not find, I would go there.
Hope to see some sort of wastelands. I am sure with the rust map generator they could make some large area’s in-which there is nothing.

The interesting thing is. If in that wasteland there would be a river or small lake and fishing is implemented, than people could build their base somewhere in the middle of a wasteland.

Also, Bear pelt coats, Deer Antler Helms, and WolfPaw gloves plz.

I want to mount crossing bolt actions on my wall above a campfire (fireplace?) with an unusually large bear head in the middle.

Saw another thread mention eagles and definitely agree with alpine area enemies like mutated birds, mountain lions, lizards and bugs or plants.

like the idea of rare loots and animals. could be as much of a waypoint as large trees and buildings too.

“oh, this is the place that 1200lb bear raped me earl…” gets f**ked up

(on another note, probably worth getting a mod to move this to the suggestions subforum:))