Fantastic Houses

To perhaps get our mind off of things let us chat about the creations we conjured up in our fun times in rust. I personally have made a 6 story house filled with metal doors to prevent raids and also made a 30 story ‘staircase’. I’d take pics but they both just got wiped with the server update xD

Ive actually ONCE been able to build out a trading outpost with the help of the community on said server. Took 12 guards wokring in shifts tho :s. Rust is bandit land

im building a pyramid in a low pop server. its small for now but ill post screenies if i ever get back in

Oooh a pyramid would be awesome. xD Trading post is something the folks in my server were just talking about. xD The coolest thing I saw was on my older server an entire city covered by walls and metal doors so if someone blew a door up the entire community would hear it before anyone even got to their house. the place had a circle of walls and doors around them and it was about 25+ structures in the area inside what they had built. I was told it was a community of about 16 people. Crazed the dedication it took. AND NOW ITS ALL GONE MUWAHHAHAHA.

I’m going to make an arena on my server. With 1 door that I place, all metal. There are going to be guard towers, and a fight to the death with MELEE ONLY. I will shoot whoever pulls out a gun. The winner gets a prize (determined by me). Supply signals will probably be the most common.

I built a proper outpost… Took me forever on my lonesum. Then the servers got reset… Boohoo :(.

I build a house in the shape of a swastika once, but it was a long time ago…