Fantasy RP Addons (Free Mining, Food Mod, Spells, Leveling, Infection and MORE)

So I made a bunch of mods over the course of two weeks and temporarily ran a server until I lost interest and free time when I went back to work. I’m a big fan of fantasy or sci-fi themed role play and I’d like to actually play them more than host them so I am cleaning up and releasing the code for free in hopes of significantly improve existing popular servers. Below is a list of mods taken from the now dead Archon Gaming server I operated for a short time and will be releasing ASAP, but with no real deadlines. My hopes are to release them within a few weeks, please rate them and contact servers interested in running any of these mods and provide feedback here or on Steam Workshop. (Descriptions below)

Fantasy RP Food Mod – Status: Online
Adds 27 fantasy themed food items which heal players and act as hp buffs, food items have charges and can be physgun’ed.
I still want to eventually add drug effects or other unique visual effects, but recently learning lua I’m not a 100% on how to do it and keep it stable.

Night Elf Hide SWEP – Status: Online
Adds a Night Elf Hide SWEP which turns the player invisible or significantly increases movement speed.
Slightly glitched, and I haven’t figured out how to remove title bars from above player’s heads yet.

Mining System – Status: Online
A free mining system built to not require any dependencies with a config file and multiple mining nodes and four ore type spawns.
Only works with DarkRP, I plan to make it workable with other mods on request.

DarkRP Physgun Pickup – Status: Online
Allows purchased items in DarkRp to be Physgun’d by the owners.

Armorsmith Items – Status: Online
16 purchasable armor smith items which will set the player’s armor to [10 to 200%] based on selected item.

DarkRP Class and Exp Leveling– Status: Online
Adds Health, Armor, Walkspeed, Runspeed values per job, adds custom playermodel scaling, and custom weapons

Trap System – Status: In Progress
Buyable traps designed to look like bushes, furniture, money bags, coins or plants and will explode, freeze or burn players on contact or use.
Planning to expand number of items and make the item owner able to pick the item appearance.

DarkRP Experience Books – Status: Online
With exp books which have custom book names and gradually build exp over time.

FantasyRP Money Printers – Status: Online
Medieval themed money printers, such as wine barrels and fruit baskets which produce money bags.

Zombie Infection – Status: Online
Zombies that decay into skeletons, if you attack players you will infect them and turn them into zombies as well.

Werewolf Infection – Status: Online
Includes werewolf SWEP to transform player back and forth between werewolf and infection system by bite or by eating wolfsbane.

Summoning Items – Status: NYI
Sacrificial Alter, Coffin, Sarcophagus, Dark Tomes, Holy Books to summon rare items, money, food and more.

Ultra Melee Weapon Mod – Status: NYI
Massive re-balance, renaming to a 100 items and re-write to existing weapon mods, and adds backstabbing, bleeding, slow, shields, fire, life steal, slam, knockback to melee weapons.
A long time away, everything is implemented, but backstabbing, bleed, slow and knockback still need to be added and base weapon glitches needs partial re-write.
Definitely will require Morrowind Weapons mods to function.

DarkRPG Stats and Leveling System – Status: WIP
Total graphical overhaul of the Leveling Stats mod, and adds 20 additional stats to fully fledge the mode into a RPG system.

Temporary Mock Up of Finalized Appearance of the stats sheet.

What appears on screen when you spawn (Already functioning).

Since you released them, did you thinked of putting the ones with some problems, like the Class system inside an Github?

This looks amazing!

I’d more than love to play around with the code and add new things. As said above if you’re just going to upload it all to workshop, could you just chuck it up on GitHub would make things super easy.

edit: Just realised this was based off DarkRP, slight let down but still the addons are pretty sweet.

Well to be honest, I can program them to support just about any mod that has basic features of leveling or job classes. Most of them will work in base Garrysmod because I’m just trying to maximize my audience.

Doesn’t really matter too much to me, they still look very promising and fun :slight_smile:

Expanded armor sets to 16 armor types and added the Physgun pick up code.

Added the link for the config file for adding custom health, armor, walkspeed, runspeed, playermodel scale values for each job and further expanded the code to add level restricted weapons per job.

Added Experience Books for Leveling Mod which function like most normal exp books, but these have custom titles and a config file for adding more along with better config settings for controlling exp books for server owners.

Added Money Printers after struggling to get the models to work more than anything, has a config file and the money printers will list where the money is coming from such as a trade route from Osilligath. Link at the top.

Just an update: partial re-write of my addon for Vrondakis Leveling System: Stats and Weapons Upgrade available for download. Works significantly better now and run/walk works properly. If you’re using this addon, copy paste your job settings over into the two new files.

Just to reiterate, it increases player hp/armor as you level and allows job specific health, armor, modelsize, run, walk speed settings and level restricted weapons.

Added a temporary release of swords and shields beta as a favor and the Werewolf SWEP.

Do you have a collection ID for all these for easy mounting for servers?

Added the Zombie Mod and also a Bird Monster mod, plans changed a bit. I’m going to significantly upgrade my code leveling and stats mod.

I mean significantly. Here is the temporary mockup, I need to get the GUI working then bug test the code, its already done.

We World of Warcraft now, when beta becomes available I’ll make a new thread.

Turned the DarkRP Leveling and Stats System in a Massively Upgraded Version, now available here.

Any recent updates on this? I can’t find a github link for more then 1 of the addons. I much prefer github uploads over workshop.