*FAP* RP community [Request]

Daziris here, FAP community founder, FAP as quiet a few ideas it has in mind that could really help it, but that can’t be done with one programmar who’s confused on most of the script(me) we use cakescript and need someone really skilled interested in testing their skills, Reward will be given if you can help out.

What we request? : Clothes customization, Weapon builder(find scraps to make weapons), In depth IC Description box.(you do the tab+right click and select it then you get to ready everything about that character) and also a leveling up system…
Also we need someone good with swep creation that would be welcome to help and DONATE there work to the community with a small reward of Community wide benefits.

Hope someone will show up and help, Thanks ahead of time - DAZ.


No amount of babelfish could decode this message, can someone translate?

he wants someone to scavange bits of code to make something for his moded server >.<

Wow, I wonder how High I was when I wrote this…

Okay lets try this again…

FAP rp community needs coders and mappers to help them with some projects…

What exactly do you do in this community? Seems like you’re asking for a bunch of people to do everything for you.

Did anyone notice the FAP in FAP community?

I did, i wasn’t sure if the maker did.

I don’t think I ever would have noticed it without your help. /sarcasm

I’m founder and creator, Website creator, and moderator, Server moderator and currently the only one programming it… I’ve done quiet a bit as any member who’s played our community’s Space RP server.
This isn’t a kid asking for someone to build them everything, I’m asking for people who are willing to work with instructions and get some good experience While getting noticed by a growing community and it’s allies.


I created the FAP community based around the word fap, everyone always trys to make something bad ass, I took the route Taco n Bannana took. by making it a funny little title


It was made around that word, We wanted to be different, How ever that would be done so we did that.
We’ll I did that lol…
but yes we noticed… since that’s the only word in our community…
Freedom. Attracts. Players : FAP

You just proved your own point… you are asking for someone to do all the work with the benefit of just getting noticed by some community.

I believe the title says [REQUEST] Jackass, as in REQUESTING help I never said I ain’t working myself, Since I’ve been trying to figure this out for a month.

Just use the PERP Gamemode. End of story