FapHack Question

Okay, so I wanted to try out FapHack, just to see how it worked and all that shit. I downloaded it all correctly but I get these send reliable stream overflow errors that fill my console and make it so I can’t move around, and use primary fire. Help?

lol you downloaded just too see how it worked and all that shit

uninstall it then if you didn’t download it just to use it

well I wanted to see if it actually works before I minge around. all I get are these errors but I don’t know how to fix them

uninstall it

if you really did it just for that then uninstall it
I know you installed it with the purpose to use it, ask for help somewhere else and get banned

  1. Don’t use hacks.
  2. Don’t ask on an official GMod forum for help how to use/install them.

Use SethHake!

(User was permabanned for this post) Hacking- Notamod.)

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Actually, It’s decent if you can get it to work…

lua hax are allowed, but not accepted, i’m sure


Lua hacks are allowed, unless you bypass ScriptEnforcer, then you’ll get banned.