Faphattan Island

Yes, maybe you’ve seen this map before. I haven’t released any of my maps except maybe for one or two. But It’s been a while and I’ve decided to just give out the latest version of this map since I have not worked on it in so long. It’s basically a sexy city on an island. Inspired by Manhattan, New York. This map was last updated 12-23-09.

Download it here.




The light is kinda boring and the buildings are quite blocky, the beach is a little empty too. It’s not too bad but it needs some work.

Seems pretty empty.

Reminds me more of Miami, actually.

I remember beta testing this, it really lacks visually but it was fun to test shit in

Does that plane move?


It’s very dull looking and there are no palm trees on Manhattan island.

It loops every 4 minutes or so

Looks blocky but nice anyway.

It could be useful for urban posings.

I like the style of it, might be good for building and driving around. Gonna try it :buddy:

This has potential but the structures look awful. You should really add more detail to them.

It’s not bad, but it’s not good either.

Heh. I know, right.
Unfortunately this map is discontinued and I’m moving on to other projects.

Just please keep the .vmf, if you ever decide to come back and fix-up small problems to make the map better.

It’s probably a build map

I tested it, it’s empty even if its a build map and it has a small skybox. But i did like the streets and roads, had fun driving my f1 car on them. But i guess its kinda pointless that i post this since you wont fix/continue it anymore.