Far Cry 2 Africans.


I have played Far Cry 2 and now I want to make a comic about UN mission i Africa.

But there is no certain african civilian models, so I think: why not to port some models from FC2?
I know there is no mod tools, but maybe someone will do it with shitty 3d Ripper DX?

I think that should be THAT SHIT


Suddenly no, because my FC2 got screwed and it doesn’t work.

But I mean the characters in first level, when you’re travelling to the Pala, in a jeep, with cab driver.

I think its impossible to get them since people have tried before and failed. I’ve tried, but only got the textures.

Otherwise we’d have a bunch of models ripped from Far Cry 2. Vehicles, and weapons mostly, but still.

Yeah, it uses the same engine Assassin’s Creed 2 and Brotherhood use and so far no one’s gotten anything from them either.

So how did somebody port MW2 soldiers?

Maybe somebody will try to rip that models? Not, me, I tried it and it’s pain in the ass.
But don’t you think, that models are worth some effort?

Uh, no it doesn’t, where the hell did you pull that from?

CoD has an easier engine to work with than these games do. At least that’s how it seems.

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The engines are different, but they were built in house by Ubisoft and use elements from one another.

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“Similar” is a better word I should have used.