Far Cry 2 - Characters


Just trying to search for someone who has FarCry 2 and 3dx ripper (its free: http://www.deep-shadows.com/hax/3DRipperDX.htm).
I would like the player models of the main “Buddies” and “playable characters”.
I don’t mind if they aren’t rigged or anything, as long as I have the textures and the character I should be right.

An example of one of these characters is Marty, who is apparently played as by roughly 30% of Far Cry 2 players according to a Poll

Legal: I have bought FarCry 2 but do not have the right specs to run it in order to rip the models which I wish to use for skinning

I tried ripping stuff from FC2, but the DxRipper doesn’t seem to work with Far Cry 2.