Far Cry 2 Model Rip, Please!

Hi I’d like a model from Far Cry 2 ripped for use within Garrysmod. I have no clue how to rip models at all… I tried using a program with a tutorial from YouTube, yet I could never understand how to get anything to work. ;( The model is a hang glider, here’s the location;

I’d really REALLY appreciate it if someone could complete this for me. I got an extra copy of HL2 if anyone wants it for doing this for me, otherwise, I have nothing else to give. Thanks.

Im not sure you can, because if you could i think alot of things wouldve been ported, but i dunno.

Yeah I think 3D Ripper DX crashes with Far Cry 2, and the game files were never reverse engineered. I probably would have ported a few weapons myself if I could.