Far Cry 2 models?

I was curious if someone could port some Far cry 2 models, preferably the turrets and gun models, if you could, thank you. :sax:

Spawn list included if you can D:

that wouldnt be a good idea, I mean someone could but Ill let that person deal with the amazing law suits surrounding that game XD

This community does all sorts of model porting, in case you haven’t noticed, plasmid.

uuuuh yeah I think I noticed >.> I ported the bioshock models and lots of others, but there a difference in this case. its kinda like team ninja with their doa models, but this time the guys who made FC2 put this huge thing over the game, only install it 5 times, then it doesnt work, anti cheat program installed and like a 2 page article on how they would not tolerate any type of extracting of the game. im not saying you cant do it if you want, go for it, im saying i wouldnt want to get involved in it O_O

… Thanks for the help!