Far Cry 2 Multiplayer Classes

Hi, as many of you might know, I’m a spriter. I’m currently making sprites of the Far Cry series, but I ran into a snag; I have absolutely no idea what the six multiplayer classes in Far Cry 2 look like. Can someone please post clear, full-body images of the six classes? They are called the Commando, the Guerrilla, the Gunner, the Rebel, the Saboteur, and the Sharpshooter. Thank you!


I’ll try and help you if I can. Where the fuck did I put my FC2 disk…

EDIT : sorry bud, looks like that’s a no go. At the moment the best I can do is fetch multiplayer videos and describe their appearance

At 1:36 and 4:06 he has a really close encounter with a Gunner. They wore standard pants, a helmet, and a jacket
At 4:47 and 5:09 he sneaks up on a Rebel - who was actually surprisingly difficult to see used in MP (as it was banned almost everywhere)

0:44 - a sharpshooter walks right up to his face. He wears a jacket, a boonie hat, boots, and is the only class with pants that cut off at the knee
1:16 - a Commando slides right in front of him. There were both a caucasian and an african variant (same outfit)

Thanks. The best shot of the Gunner I could get was the 4:06 one in the first video. Do you by any chance know what part of the Gunner is team-colored in the team-based game modes? I’ve got the gist of the others

The tank top they wore under their gear was team coloured

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgBAGiaEACI <-- refer to ths video
0:34 and 1:40, he scopes in on a APR (red) Gunner
3:04 sharpshooter party
4:06 and 4:27 rebel runs up to his face

0:29, 0:48, 2:18 a Saboteur shows up

I’m having a really difficult time finding footage of the remaining classes. I can tell you that the Guerrilla wore something similiar to an Adidas tracksuit jacket with light-brown pants and some boots. The suit was team colored with a white double-stripe (in one of the vids I posted the player switches to Guerrilla, refer to the first person arms)

I think USAS-12 Guerrillas (a.k.a. level 3) even had something similiar to a military cap, but I’m not sure

Yeah, I got some good ref pics of the other classes, thanks to these vids.

I believe the Commandos’ pants camo is team-colored, as is the Guerrilla’s jacket. The undershirt of the Sharpshooter is team-colored, as are some patches on the Saboteur’s shirt. As you said, the Gunner’s undershirt is team-colored, and I believe the Rebel’s camo is team-colored. Thanks for your help; now my sprite production can finally continue!

Yep, can confirm. Not terribly sure about the Rebel but the rest is spot on

May we get to see the fruits of your labour in the future?

Maybe, if my project gets beyond the spriting. If it does, I’ll definitely post some sprites here

Edit: It’s basically Far Cry 2’s multiplayer de-made in Gang Garrison 2 style (the 2D demake of Team Fortress 2)

Best of luck!

Thanks pal; I plan to become a game designer, and this is my first project. I hope it works out.

Hey, on a semi-related topic: do you by any chance know where I can get some good ref pics of the enemies in Far Cry Instincts: Predator? Probably not, but it never hurts to ask

Never had the chance to play FCI, sorry

Damn. Oh well, like I said, it never hurts to ask