Far Cry 3 models

It seems that many people working in their corner to extract models of Far Cry 3. Why not put our work in the community!
Here already the MP5: http://sj6wm0.1fichier.com/
No attachment.

Famas F1: http://5hhs9b.1fichier.com/

The P416 Bushman: http://g1i32m.1fichier.com/
3 lenses in the scope, mixing textures of your choice.

M700: http://cyovou.1fichier.com/

The MS16: http://5e7qor.1fichier.com/

Spas 12 : http://l9zn86.1fichier.com/

The rpg7: http://08l5gt.1fichier.com/

The 1911/Shadow with custom optics…
Those parts were a real mess, as the textures, I done my best.: http://www.4shared.com/rar/SDv7Xi5z/1911.html

The Chinese knife: http://8jhkt3.1fichier.com/

The Tanto: http://on01qv.1fichier.com/

Bow & Arrows: http://oltyiu.1fichier.com/

Vector 45 acp Here the file as I retrieved on my hard drive, the textures for the scope are with the MS16 file: http://lxp1r6.1fichier.com/


tanto has bad bumpmaps, they wont be compatible with source. and why did you make a whole new thread when there was one open already? http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1231074

A new thread because… did you read my post? Just a new thread with the “release” icon to collect the finished product. The explanation you need?

You shouldn’t save dds files to png or jpg, if you do they dont have important channels.

I did this work for personal needs, as well as the conversion of textures.
Thing important is that the models are correct UV’s (As best I could do) the textures are not difficult to get … but on my next upload I’d Join the dds.

How the MP5 connections?

I have problems with the connections of the MP5, I’ll rework … although I find it more beautiful naked.

The file has been deleted :confused:
reupload please…

OP can you post a DL to the P416?

As stated, it’s a Work in Progress, I would assume he’s gonna edit the post once it’s been completed.

Files were re-uploaded.


rpg7 added!

is this just for weapons or all models?

Thank you :slight_smile:

At first yes, objects, vegetation, etc …, as and when measurement. and then character. There are problems of extraction of mesh’s for Far Cry 3, and the characters are more complex, for my part it will last if nobody has done before :wink:

You can do the FAMAS with fire so I camouflaged in FC3

I’ll try… :wink:

Placing the screen should look like the camo
here it is



and that my texture FAMAS


Famas added :wink: