Far Cry 3 models

Thanks very match
Very Good Job!!!

doing a very good camo thank you for that because it looks like a big thanks FC3 can do a particular texture model that fellow with FC3

It has not been easy, but the challenge was interesting. ;D

thanks a lot I honestly think it was hard because I thought you can do it well, please look like in the game


Could you please get the 1911 model?

Man I wish those weapons didn’t come with those camo textures but thanks anyway.

it comes with two textures. one camod and one non-camod

gogoldorak if you can and you want to do even the camo gun fire at P416 from FC3
here screenshots



and a link to my textures P416

Bow and Arrows added.

Here for you… Texture only

Thanks man

can U rig m14 and wood texture of that gun for me pls !!!

So, no M1911?

On the way…

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OK, I put it on my list. :wink:

Thanks comrade :slight_smile:

well thank you alot !:smiley:

The m14 is done :wink:

gogoldorak can do the model and texture of this soldier please Privateers with FC3

you forgot to upload the obj, max or 3D file on the M14 gun…the folder only contains the textures

Oops … The error is repaired. :wink:

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I would throw a look, see what I can do …